Oscars 2020: 78th Golden Globes Predictions

I guess I don’t really need to do this article anymore, but what the hell. I’m here.

I put zero effort into Globes predictions, because they really don’t matter outside of being a potential harbinger of what’s to come and just a small piece of what’s gonna go into Oscar predictions. But, if anything, this helps me set my own expectations for what I expect them to do so I can either feel like what I think is gonna happen will happen or realign my expectations based on the new information.

So here are my completely uninformed and specious guesses as to what I think the Hollywood Foreign Press is gonna do this year:

Best Picture – Drama

The Father



Promising Young Woman

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Seeing as how Minari wasn’t eligible here (though I’m not entirely sure they’d have gone there anyway), I feel like your most likely winners here… well, I guess there are three potential winners, if you really think about it.

I’m pretty sure nobody thinks The Father has any chance, just how nobody thought The Two Popes had any shot last year. So I think we’d all be pretty damn shocked if that won. Almost as unlikely, to me, is Promising Young Woman. That would be a hell of a shot call, if they went there. And frankly, I’m just not gonna expect them to do it. It would make things real interesting going forward, if they did. But until they do, let’s just assume they’re not going anywhere near that and appreciate that they decided not to make that movie a Comedy, because part of me feels like in other years they’d have (somehow) 100% done that.

The three that make the most sense to me are Mank, Nomadland and Trial of the Chicago 7. I can see three ‘narratives’ playing out here, and not having an actual town to see and hear things around like I normally do, I don’t have a sense of which one is most likely to play out. There’s the Fincher angle, and I guess I could see that playing out, but is Mank a film that people are really gonna go for? I don’t know. I keep getting the feeling that it’s a movie that gets 9-10 nominations, wins a nominal one or two, but otherwise gets ignored for the major stuff. I could see Fincher maybe winning Best Director and there being yet another split. That’s a possibility. But something tells me it’s third most likely to win here for Picture and that the prestige factor is overblown. But we’ll see.

So that leaves either Nomadland or Trial of the Chicago 7. One is the populist choice. That is, critically, Nomadland feels like the darling of the year. And they could very easily go for it and try to push through that Picture play. And Chicago 7 feels like the more ‘classical’ choice for them.

The Globes historically have been fairly accurate in their predictions. Nominations are a shit show, because of all the bribes and star-fuckery, but when they actually vote for winners (especially in this category), you see a patten of them usually voting for one of the two major contending films. Last year is an aberration because Parasite wasn’t eligible. But they still went for 1917, the film most people considered the winner if Parasite lost. It went on to win the DGA, PGA and seemed liked it was going to win it all for a while. 2018, Bohemian Rhapsody won, which I assume is because Roma wasn’t eligible here (but Green Book won the other category anyway, so they were still ultimately right). 2017, Three Billboards won, and that was the alternate choice to Shape of Water. 2016, Moonlight won (and La La Land won the other category). 2015, Revenant won (and that did win Director and was considered a top choice to win it all in a surprisingly open year). 2014, Boyhood. 2013, 12 Years a Slave, 2012, Argo. See what I mean? So what they go for does hold a lot of weight most of the time. The Minari angle, like last year with Parasite, will loom large, but otherwise, something’s getting a huge boost here.

My gut says the safe choice is Chicago 7, just because I expect them to go boring, but there’s still a really good chance they go for Nomadland. I expect one or the other to win, though I wouldn’t be surprised by Mank. Promising Young Woman would surprise (and thrill) me, and The Father would shock me to the point where I’d go, “Well okay, guess we can throw these results out,” since I can’t fathom that getting anywhere near a Best Picture win at the moment.” So I guess I’ll go in thinking it’ll be Chicago 7 and then wait and see what happens.


Best Picture – Musical/Comedy

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm



Palm Springs

The Prom

This is all pretty irrelevant, as none of those will ever come close to Best Picture. But what I love is that not only are they star fuckers, not only do they clearly take bribes and not only are they routinely super racist (notice the absence of Black filmmakers and films on these lists. And no, Hamilton doesn’t count because that has been firmly co-opted by white people by this point), but they also are completely unashamed about any of it. And if some of this isn’t because they’re star fuckers or because they take bribes, then it’s because they have astonishingly bad taste. There’s really no good look here. The Sia movie? Really? I’d say that at a certain point this is them owning it and doing it on purpose. But it’s not. They don’t have that kind of self-awareness. The Prom I can maybe forgive because it’s so goddamn up their alley and they’ve been all-in on Ryan Murphy for years. But the Sia movie. Jesus fuck, guys.

Anyway, I think we all assume Hamilton is gonna win this, as much as Palm Springs would be the cool choice. I mean, I guess Borat could win, now that it doesn’t have a heavy hitter to beat it (Dreamgirls beat the first one), so I’m not fully counting that out. But doesn’t Hamilton just feel like the choice? I mean, they could go full on bribery and pick one of the other two, but you can almost never go wrong assuming the Globes will make a boring, populist choice in something as meaningless as this.


Best Director

Emerald Fennell, Promising Young Woman

David Fincher, Mank

Regina King, One Night in Miami

Aaron Sorkin, The Trial of the Chicago 7

Chloe Zhao, Nomadland

Three women. So at least they got that message. And look, a Black woman. Their one token nominee. Same old Globes. They’ll give it to Regina King if they want to do the ‘look at us, we did our good deed’ thing. I doubt, even if Chicago 7 wins Picture they double down on Sorkin. Which means you’re more likely to get something else here. Fincher makes a lot of sense, if they’re gonna try to start that narrative going (‘it’s time for Fincher to get his Oscar’). Not sure people seem to be clamoring for it, but we’ll see. That could just be the result of the elongated and weird season. If he wins this, you’ll start to see the publicists take over and start to get all those articles written.

Chloe Zhao winning double Picture-Director makes sense too. This is also the branch that gave this award to Barbra Streisand in 1982 for Yentl, so it’s not like they haven’t given this to a woman before. And Regina King did win one of her only precursors here en route to the Oscar win two years ago, so it’s also possible they are gonna go that way.

I truly don’t know what’s gonna happen here. My gut tells me Fennell is the one that’ll never happen (unless they double up. I can’t see her winning and the film not then also winning). Sorkin feels like the other unlikely candidate unless they go absolutely all in on his film in a way I’m not sure they’ll do. So that means it should be either Fincher, Zhao or King. The split makes a lot of sense here.

Fincher Director and Chicago 7 Best Picture would be the boring and ‘obvious’ way to go. Chicago 7 and King makes some sense too. Zhao… I can’t see her winning and then the film not also winning. But I guess anything is possible. If I really had to guess, I’d say Fincher or King, just because I already picked Chicago 7 as the Picture winner. I guess Fincher, in that scenario, just because there hasn’t been a lone Director win in a long time. Which is to say — the last time someone won this Director award with their film not also nominated in Picture (outside of an ‘ineligible’ situation, which happened with Roma, Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon since 2000) was Clint Eastwood for Bird in 1988! It’s been the entirety of my lifetime since it’s happened. And it’s only happened once more since 1960, with Paul Newman for Rachel Rachel in 1968. So maybe Regina King isn’t as much of a contender as one might think, unless they’re going for a statement.

So then I’m thinking Fincher or Zhao becomes automatic most likely here, unless they’re going all in on Sorkin, which would surprise me. Zhao’s starting to make a lot of sense here as the likely winner for a lot of reasons. So yeah. I guess it’s either Fincher or Zhao, and then I’ll have to make Sorkin my third choice. That lone King nomination feels a bit like a placeholder ‘we did good’ situation and I’m not sure they’re gonna feel the need to go there. Then again, those lone wins generally did happen to actors who directed, so we’ll see what they do.


Best Actor – Drama

Riz Ahmed, Sound of Metal

Chadwick Boseman, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Anthony Hopkins, The Father

Gary Oldman, Mank

Tahar Rahim, The Mauritanian

Rahim feels like the also-ran, Hopkins they love but I’m not sure they’d vote for unless they truly are trying to make the veteran win happen. Oldman just won and I’m not sure they’re gonna go there unless they’re way in on Mank. Boseman makes a lot of sense, but will they vote for him knowing he’s not there to give the speech? Tough call. Ahmed is starting to seem like a very likely winner here. I feel like they’re gonna go Ahmed or start the Boseman train. Those two feel like the most likely scenarios. Then again, maybe there’s no chance they vote for Boseman because he’s dead and it’s Ahmed or Oldman. Pretty sure this is a three-person race, and pretty sure that’s how this entire category is gonna go all the way through, seeing as how the majority of the final category looks like it’s right here.

So my thinking is, unless they go for Boseman, Ahmed feels the most likely winner just by virtue of being there. Oldman also remains a definite possibility. Hopkins is a slim chance and Rahim feels like it’ll never happen. Boseman or Ahmed make the most sense to me, with Oldman a distinct possibility as well. Something tells me they’re gonna do what they did when Heath Ledger died and start the push for the posthumous win.


Best Actor – Musical/Comedy

Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

James Corden, The Prom

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton

Dev Patel, The Personal History of David Copperfield

Andy Samberg, Palm Springs

Cohen makes the most sense here, having won for the first one, continuing to be someone they love and just making for probably the best speech. Miranda, obviously, also fits. Though if they’re giving it Picture I don’t see why they’d need to, especially so far removed from the craze of it all. Unless it’s just because they love him, which I guess is possible. Part of me feels like they could just skip it altogether. Samberg is a sneaky good choice here, too. I feel like maybe he won for Brooklyn Nine Nine in that first year and is someone they might like. Patel doesn’t feel like it’ll happen and Corden, while it would be so hilarious for them, doesn’t feel like a legitimate possibility. My guess is Cohen or Samberg, and Miranda as someone that could also easily happen if they decide to go that way.


Best Actress – Drama

Viola Davis, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Andra Day, The United States vs. Billie Holliday

Vanessa Kirby, Pieces of a Woman

Frances McDormand, Nomadland

Carey Mulligan, Promising Young Woman

This feels like your most likely Oscar category at this point, depending on what BAFTA does. And this should give us an idea of where the category is likely to be headed. Day is the most precarious nominee, so if she wins then it solidifies her status as a nominee, but otherwise makes her the least likely person to really make a dent or a statement for an actual win. Kirby feels too new for them to go for and I think the nomination is the reward there. Viola — could go either way. This could be the year they decide to get her the Oscar. I don’t see it, but it’s not my job to see it. It’s my job to see if it’s gonna happen. The Globes going for her would help start that storyline playing out, but she feels like a third choice here just based on how I figure this will go. Also, not that I want to call the Globes racist (even though they kind of are), but the last Black actress to win this category was Whoopi Goldberg in 1985. And she’s the only one to have won it. And expanding that to Comedy/Musical? Also once. Angela Bassett in 1993. Only two Black actresses have won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in either category ever. Not saying it’s explicitly about race but it’s not not about race either. So that’s why, until she wins this, I can’t consider her the favorite, just knowing what I know about the Hollywood Foreign Press. (And yes, they are much more judicious in the Supporting Actress category when it comes to race, but this isn’t that category, is it?)

McDormand — she just won. Same year Gary Oldman did. Are they gonna double those two up again? I don’t know. Carey Mulligan has always felt like the most likely winner here, with my only reservation being the potential difficulty of the movie. But clearly they liked it, since they nominated it in Picture and Director. So to me Mulligan is the absolute no-brainer winner in this category, and the only real question is whether there’s enough momentum to take her all the way to the win in the end.

Usually you can see a category playing out in front of you. This feels like it’s set up for Carey to win. The Globes could start off a McDormand or Davis train, but if they go Carey, it’s gonna be tough to say it’ll be someone else in the end. McDormand doesn’t seem like this is her time to win three, so this feels like Carey or Viola. And Carey still makes the most sense to me. But I’ve also had curveballs thrown at me before. Last year, it looked all set up for Scarlett Johansson to win and the Globes said, “Nope! It’s Renée Zellweger again.” And in hindsight, it does make sense. Given the role itself. Like Meryl and The Iron Lady. But Ma Rainey is not exactly Judy Garland or Margaret Thatcher. But we’ll see. If Carey wins here, I think that’s the first step to her eventually winning it all.


Best Actress – Musical/Comedy

Maria Bakalova, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Kate Hudson, Music

Michelle Pfeiffer, French Exit

Rosamund Pike, I Care a Lot

Anya Taylor-Joy, Emma

Oh, this’ll be interesting. They almost have to give this to Bakalova, right? She’s gonna probably get the nomination and is the one taking the town by storm. And is also Bulgarian, which might matter to, you know… the Foreign Press. Kate Hudson won’t happen. Anya Taylor-Joy seems like she’s gonna win a TV award. Michelle Pfeiffer doesn’t have enough air underneath that performance to contend for an actual nomination so I can’t see them bothering with her outside of ‘we love Michelle Pfeiffer’. But you know what they love more than Michelle Pfeiffer? 20-something girls they can tout as newcomers. And Rosamund Pike — just feels like one of those normal nominees who fits but will never have a chance (like Cate Blanchett last year for Where’d you Go Bernadette?). Bakalova should win this in a walk. And if not her, I imagine it can only be Michelle Pfeiffer.


Best Supporting Actor

Sacha Baron Cohen, The Trial of the Chicago 7

Daniel Kaluuya, Judas and the Black Messiah

Jared Leto, The Little Things

Bill Murray, On the Rocks

Leslie Odom, Jr., One Night in Miami

Ah yes, this category. So Cohen being here and in Actor (which I forgot about when I was going over actor) makes me think they’ll decide which one to give him. I don’t see him winning both. So if he’s fully in play here, then Actor will for sure go somewhere else (making it either Miranda or Samberg). I can see Cohen taking it, but Daniel Kaluuya just feels like the most likely option. Cohen, Kaluuya and Odom are the three pretty sure-thing nominees based on how things have shaped up so far, and Kaluuya just feels like the perfect winner in a lot of ways. This should come down to Kaluuya vs. Cohen. Odom feels like a nominee-only situation, plus they can get him something in Song if they want to get him something. And Leto and Murray are the two not-sure contenders for a nomination, so they feel like the two most unlikely scenarios for a win (though a win by either greatly increases their chances at an eventual nomination). It’s not a sure-thing, of course, given the Aaron Taylor-Johnson situation from 2016, but he’s the only other person since, I believe 1975, with Richard Benjamin in The Sunshine Boys, to win the Globe and not be nominated for the Oscar (can’t believe I remembered that piece of information from four years ago).

Anyway — Odom feels unlikely to win this, but you never know. Leto or Murray win if they really want to go for them and push them for the Oscar. I think Kaluuya or Cohen are the only two that make any real sense here, with Kaluuya being the probable frontrunner there with Cohen a just-as-likely alternative who only gets complicated because of the fact that he’s nominate in another category. I’d guess, though, that Cohen is more likely to win here than there, but in the end, I feel like they’re gonna go Kaluuya. But we’ll see.


Best Supporting Actress

Glenn Close, Hillbilly Elegy

Olivia Colman, The Father

Jodie Foster, The Mauritanian

Amanda Seyfried, Mank

Helena Zengel, News of the World

So Foster won’t happen. I think we can all safely say that. Colman doesn’t feel like she’s gonna win unless they’re gonna push her hard for the Oscar (or it’s simply because they like her. But she’s also up in the TV awards, I think. So that could make it easier for them to not vote for her here). Zengel also feels unlikely just because she’s a twelve-year-old girl and the performance isn’t one of those surefire Tatum O’Neal/Anna Paquin type performances (neither of whom won a Globe, by the way). So that pretty much just leaves Amanda Seyfried or Glenn Close. And normally I’d say Seyfried makes a lot of sense to me, but you know what? They like nominating people like her, not actually giving them the win. I think of Mila Kunis in Black Swan as a prime example of this. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe they go there. But all this sure is looking like it could be Glenn Close. They might just suck it up and push the veteran Oscar this year. Which is now making me think that Olivia Colman is a legitimate contender here.

The Globes, by the way, are 8/10 in this category the past decade in terms of their winner going on to win the Oscar. They missed in 2013, opting for Jennifer Lawrence over Lupita Nyong’o, and in 2015, when Kate Winslet won and Alicia Vikander was double nominated and lost both (the Danish Girl performance she won the Oscar for was Globe Actress and Ex Machina was in Supporting opposite Winslet). So potentially they were 9/10 if you consider the category swap as the reason they were wrong. Also really strong otherwise going back to 2000. More patchy the further you go back, but still solid overall and generally right there. Though the reason I looked is because I wanted to see, like Supporting Actor, the last time a winner wasn’t nominated for the Oscar, just in case Zengel or Foster wins. And that answer is 1976. Katharine Ross won here and was not nominated. So basically either the case for Foster or Zengel being nominated gets much stronger or one of the other three assumed nominees is gonna win. Either way, Glenn Close feels like the most likely winner in that scenario, which just feels nuts to say. But hey, maybe they just love Olivia Colman and vote for her again or maybe they go for Amanda Seyfried. I guess we’ll see.


Best Screenplay

The Father



Promising Young Woman

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Hard to go against Sorkin in this, but if anyone can beat him, I think Emerald Fennell can. Nomadland feels unlikely here, as does The Father. Mank feels like a solid threat everywhere, but I can’t see them passing up Sorkin unless it’s for Fennell. So one of those two should win, with Sorkin making the most sense (they gave it to him for Steve Jobs and he wasn’t even nominated that year). This category is also why I can’t see him being a frontrunner for Director.


Best Original Score


The Midnight Sky

News of the World



They tend to throw curveballs in this category (even though I feel their taste does occasionally tend to be better than the actual Academy’s, weirdly enough). It feels like in recent years all the precursors have agreed and there was a consensus winner, so I’m keen to see where they go with this one.

News of the World makes almost no sense to me, but I guess theoretically could happen. Midnight Sky could win because of Desplat. He’s won twice already. Tenet feels unlikely. I suspect the answer is one of the two Renzor and Ross scores, but the question is which one. They’ve nominated them three times this decade with one win (Social Network). So I know they like them. I guess I’ll say Mank, just because the only recent animated score to win at the Globes is Up (before that you have to go back to the Disney heyday in the 90s) but I truly have no idea.


Best Original Song

“Fight for You,” from Judas and the Black Messiah (H.E.R.)

“Hear My Voice,” from The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Celeste Waite)

“Io Si (Seen),” from The Life Ahead (Diane Warren)

“Speak Now,” from One Night in Miami (Leslie Odom Jr.)

Tigress & Tweed,” from The United States vs. Billie Holliday (Andra Day)

They’re star fuckers, so you never really know where they’re gonna go here. Diane Warren has won this before on her name alone (Burlesque, anyone?). Though there’s no Cher singing this one. I suspect Odom makes the most sense here as a way to give the film something if King won’t win Director and to give him something if he won’t win Supporting Actor. But this category is routinely a shit show, so there’s really no point in even guessing it.

Though granted, I am basing the ‘shit show’ comment on those two years when Burlesque won and Madonna’s movie won. Outside of that, they’ve been good in the sense of generally picking good songs, but a lot of the time it has been the ‘names’ who’ve won. Most of their winners have gone on to nominations. Other times — Mick Jagger won for Alfie, Prince won for Happy Feet, Eddie Vedder won for Into the Wild, Springsteen won for The Wrestler. (Though also — I’d have nominated three of those four songs and maybe even four just because the fourth is Prince. So I can’t really fault them that much there. Which tells me that maybe they’ll actually make a decent choice here. And all that does tell me that Odom makes the most sense, though.


Best Animated Feature

The Croods: A New Age


Over the Moon



Maybe they’re over Pixar and will give it to Wolfwalkers, but otherwise Soul should walk away with this clean. Croods would be a joke, even by their standards, Over the Moon would be inclusive, but feels unlikely. Onward would be a joke as compared to Soul. Soul or Wolfwalkers are the only respectable choices to be made here, and I expect them to go for one of the two.


Best Foreign Language Film

Another Round

La Llorona

The Life Ahead


Two of Us

Well this’ll be interesting. They’ve been peer pressured so much that they almost have to give this to Minari. That’s three years running they’re gonna be in this situation. I’d almost respect them if they just said “You know what? No.” Since Minari, unlike Roma and Parasite, wasn’t nominated elsewhere. So they were clearly more lukewarm on it than those two (which, admittedly, I was too, only because of how great the other two are and not because of anything Minari isn’t). But I can’t see them even going for Another Round or anything else at this point. Which will only serve to make International Feature that much harder to guess. But whatever.

– – – – –

And now, the TV categories, which I know so little about and will put less effort into than I did up there.


Best TV Series – Drama

The Crown

Lovecraft Country

The Mandalorian



The Crown will win. Mandalorian is only nominated because it’s populist but they never actually vote for stuff like that. Lovecraft Country would be a pull but I’m not sure enough of them even watch it. Ratched is just to show Ryan Murphy love and Ozark is the only other serious contender that I see. I expect The Crown to take this easily.


Best TV Series – Musical/Comedy

Emily in Paris

The Flight Attendant

The Great

Schitt’s Creek

Ted Lasso

Didn’t they just say that the only reason Emily in Paris got nominated was because they were bribed? So I’m curious to see how far that goes. I’m pretty sure with people talking about it they won’t go there. Normally I’d say this is the victory lap for Schitt’s Creek, as it has been at every other awards show. But they like to go for the new, trendy show in this category.

Remember, Glee won before that popped huge. Girls won and got noticed from there. As did Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Mozart in the Jungle won. Atlanta won in its first season. The fucking Kominsky Method won in its first season. So I wouldn’t rule out a Ted Lasso win here, even though Schitt’s Creek makes the most sense, sort of how Fleabag got ignored the first time from them and they rushed to give it the second one. But we’ll see.


Best Actor in a TV Series – Drama

Jason Bateman, Ozark

Josh O’Connor, The Crown

Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul

Al Pacino, Hunters

Matthew Rhys, Perry Mason

The running gag at all these shows is that Odenkirk never wins. O’Connor doesn’t feel like the kinda person who will win, but I’ve never watched the show, so maybe I’m wrong. Bateman I thought won this category recently, but maybe that was SAG and maybe that’s where they’re going. Pacino could be nice, if they wanna reward the veteran, but that feels unlikely. Rhys, maybe. But Bateman makes the most sense to me unless they finally decide to give Odenkirk something.


Best Actor in a TV Series – Musical/Comedy

Don Cheadle, Black Monday

Nicholas Hoult, The Great

Eugene Levy, Schitt’s Creek

Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso

Ramy Youssef, Ramy

Ramy won already and even he said “this won’t happen again” as he was giving his speech. Sudeikis and Levy are the only two real choices here. And I expect they’ll go all in on Schitt’s Creek, minus one category. They won’t sweep it, but it’ll win comfortable a few. Maybe this is the one it loses, but Levy makes a lot of sense to me. Though they also do love Cheadle, so maybe they go there. But I think Levy, with Sudeikis as a backup.


Best Actress in a TV Series – Drama

Olivia Colman, The Crown

Jodie Comer, Killing Eve

Emma Corrin, The Crown

Laura Linney, Ozark

Sarah Paulson, Ratched

Best Actress in a TV Series – Musical/Comedy

Lily Collins, Emily in Paris

Kaley Cuoco, The Flight Attendant

Elle Fanning, The Great

Jane Levy, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Catherine O’Hara, Schitt’s Creek

Don’t just assume Catherine O’Hara here (because you’re totally right to). Watch out for Jane Levy. That’s all I’m saying. Though they did give it to Rachel Bloom for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is what that show seems to be based on, so maybe it’s right to go for O’Hara. Unless they’re gonna throw the Elle Fanning wrench into the works. But I expect O’Hara is the most likely candidate here, especially since they know how great her speeches at other shows have been.


Best Miniseries or TV Movie

Normal People

The Queen’s Gambit

Small Axe

The Undoing


Small Axe should win, but it won’t. They’ll give it to the Queen’s Gambit and it will be a gross disrespecting of some of the best pieces of filmmaking of the year.


Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Bryan Cranston, Your Honor

Jeff Daniels, The Comey Rule

Hugh Grant, The Undoing

Ethan Hawke, The Good Lord Bird

Mark Ruffalo, I Know This Much Is True

Hawke they love but he won’t win for this. Daniels is just there to be nominated and show they like him. Grant I think won this for something else recently so he feels unlikely. This is either Ruffalo or Cranston. I lean Ruffalo but it could go either way.


Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Cate Blanchett, Mrs. America

Daisy Edgar-Jones, Normal People

Shira Haas, Unorthodox

Nicole Kidman, The Undoing

Anya Taylor-Joy, The Queen’s Gambit

I mean, anyone other than Anya Taylor-Joy here would be a minor upset. Except Cate Blanchett, who can win everything she’s ever nominated for and we’d all go, “Yeah, that makes sense.” Kidman is always a threat here, but I’m not seeing them go there. Shira Haas only makes sense if anyone actually watched that show. Somehow I feel like Daisy Edgar-Jones is the only other contender for no real reason whatsoever. I still say this is an easy Anya Taylor-Joy win.


Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie

John Boyega, Small Axe

Brendan Gleeson, The Comey Rule

Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek

Jim Parsons, Hollywood

Donald Sutherland, The Undoing

Ooh, see, Levy might be too hard to pass up for them. Though Boyega might work too, as might Gleeson. Or I guess Parsons too. Fuck if I know. Let’s just assume Levy because I don’t really care who wins.


Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie

Gillian Anderson, The Crown

Helena Bonham Carter, The Crown

Julia Garner, Ozark

Annie Murphy, Schitt’s Creek

Cynthia Nixon, Ratched

Julia Garner won the Emmy, I think. They love Cynthia Nixon. Annie Murphy feels like the one Schitt’s Creek casualty who won’t win. And then Carter and Anderson, how do you split it? So I don’t know, and frankly, doesn’t really matter to me.

– – – – –

Ceremony’s in like three and a half hours or something. Let’s see what kind of shit show it ends up being.

– – – – – – – – – –


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