Oscars 2020: MPSE Nominations

Okay, Sound time.

They combined the Sound categories into a single one this year, which makes today’s MPSE nominees and tomorrow’s CAS nominees hugely important. And then we’ll get BAFTA next week.

What you need to know here is that there are three main MPSE categories: Sound Effects and Foley, Dialogue and ADR and Music. So basically the three major components of sound design — effects, dialogue, music. There’s also other categories for musicals and animation and this year there’s one for non-theatrical features that also is kinda relevant (mostly to show what they don’t consider a feature even though everything was non-theatrical this year). All of this, with CAS and BAFTA, will go toward us figuring out what the eventual Sound nominees are gonna be.

With that said, here are your MPSE nominees this year:

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Effects/Foley

The Midnight Sky
News of the World
Sound of Metal
Wonder Woman 1984

This all makes sense. The western, the Nolan movie, the movie about the deaf guy, blockbuster superhero movie, space movie, war movie. Cherry I haven’t seen, but sure. Maybe it’s just the Russos. I’ll know when I see it why they went for it. But otherwise, makes total sense to me. This is all in a vacuum at the moment, given that we have no other precursors, but it is helpful. Let’s see what gets multiple nominees.


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Dialogue/ADR

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
News of the World
Sound of Metal
Trial of the Chicago 7

There’s your Best Picture contenders. Mank, Chicago 7, Nomadland, Ma Rainey. The dialogue movies. They’re not really ‘effects’ heavy, so they were only gonna go here. Sound of Metal and News of the World and Greyhound get on both, so that’s worth noting. There’s always a movie like Emperor that makes it on as well, so that’s nice for them.


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Underscore

The Invisible Man
The Midnight Sky
News of the World
Sound of Metal
The Trial of the Chicago 7
Wonder Woman 1984

That makes three nominations for News of the World and Sound of Metal. Midnight Sky, Tenet, Trial of the Chicago 7 and Wonder Woman get to two. And Invisible Man gets on. There was always gonna be a limited field this year for this category and this all feels within the realm of expectation. Again, in a vacuum, so we’ll see where we are tomorrow with CAS and then start to figure some stuff out.


Also, while we’re here, there are some other categories worth noting. I’m skipping all the video games and TV and foreign and documentary stuff. I only want to mention three other categories. The first is this one:

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Musical

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Fire Saga
The High Note
I Am Woman
The Forty-Year-Old Version
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
The Prom

Mostly this is here because Ma Rainey gets a second nomination. Otherwise, all films with a lot of music in them. I like that they have a category for it, though you have to note that it is lesser than the other three. You’re really focusing on those other three, and unless Ma Rainey can get another precursor nomination somewhere, I’m not sure you want to hang your hat on this as a second nomination to say it’ll get on.

Second category, Non-Theatrical.

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Feature

Bad Education
Blow the Man Down
The Bygone
Christmas On the Square
Troop Zero
The Ultimate Playlist of Noise

So apparently Bad Education is not being considered legitimately for Best Picture, which is a shame. The Academy also just released their list of all eligible films and it wasn’t on there. So that’s out. That’s it, really.

And then the final category — Animation. Because we can.

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Animation

The Croods: A New Age
Over the Moon

It’s the obvious studio five, so no surprise there. That’s gonna be the trendy guess category, and while it could happen, that’s not typically their style. But we’ll see.

– – – – –

So that’s MPSE. We’ve gone from no Sound help to getting almost all Sound help within two days. Good stuff.

– – – – – – – – – – –


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