Oscars 2020: ACE Eddie Nominations

And here’s our final precursor. The last piece of help we’re going to get before Oscar nominations come Monday morning. Meaning after this, I’ve got to spend today, tomorrow and Saturday figuring out what I think is gonna happen before posting my predictions on Sunday night (and then SAG is Sunday night, which could just waylay the whole thing).

But anyway, this is the Editors Guild and they have two categories, Dramatic and Comedy. And if memory serves, they’re usually pretty good at getting most of their nominees on. But Editing as a category heavily leans into Best Picture nominees. And this year, the only non-Best Picture nominee that feels like it has any sort of a shot at a nomination is Tenet. And given the tepid response to that movie, I’m fully expecting the Editing list to be five Best Picture nominees and the only question is which ones. So this list should illuminate a lot of that.

Here’s what ACE nominated:

Best Editing – Dramatic




Sound of Metal

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Yup. No Tenet means suspicions confirmed means five Picture nominees on this category. These five look pretty solid. This might be the list. I don’t expect Ma Rainey or One Night in Miami to get on here. No News of the World means that’s an ’empty’ Picture nominee at best. No Da 5 Bloods tells me that film is another tepid-at-best contender. The Father got on BAFTA, but that makes sense for them. I assume Promising Young Woman is on Comedy here, because that’s really the only one other I’d expect to see on the final category outside of these five. MAYBE if somehow Judas and the Black Messiah overperforms from what we’ve seen it could sneak on. Otherwise, I think you’ve got yourself covered on this one.


Best Editing – Comedy

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

I Care a Lot

On The Rocks

Palm Springs

Promising Young Woman

Yeah, there’s Promising Young Woman. Palm Springs and On the Rocks make sense too. This category is always Best Picture contender that is probably not really comedy and then actual comedy stuff. Good for these five but only one of these affects my thinking in the category.


Best Editing – Animation

The Croods: A New Age


Over the Moon



And the obvious five here. The tech categories tend to be the obvious ones. Still curious how Shaun the Sheep fares here and whether or not Onward makes it.

Oh, also, in their Documentary category, they nominated All In: The Fight for Democracy, Dick Johnson Is Dead and My Octopus Teacher from the shortlist, in case that means anything to you.

 – – – – –

So that’s it. Precursors are in and now you gotta figure out what you think is gonna get nominated. I’ve got a Release Calendar article going up tomorrow, Saturday is my own nominations ballot and then predictions article is up Sunday. We’re two months late, but we’re finally there.

– – – – – – – – –


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  1. rhuthwik

    Can’t wait for your list and predictions!

    March 11, 2021 at 6:41 pm

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