B+ Movie Blog: The End

I’ve been thinking about this day for a while.

I was gonna save this for later, but there’s no point in delaying the inevitable. It’s been pretty clear to me the past two years that the end was in sight. If I keep going, things are gonna start to feel like a chore rather than something I love doing. And I never, ever want that to happen. Make no mistake, I loved creating this site and all the content I’ve put up on it. But the last thing I want to do is force it. It’s time.

Last year’s tenth anniversary recap really put things into perspective for me. It made me realize that I’m okay for this to end. I’m ready.

I’ve accomplished a lot on here. Way more than I’d ever intended. This site was never meant to be anything more than a place for me to document having watched all those Oscar movies. And somehow it turned into a decade-plus labor of love. I could have never guessed that one.

Anyone who’s read any of my nonsense over that time knows the things I value above all else are consistency, (honest) consideration and candor (the three C’s. Sure, that’s a thing). So, in the interest of that, I felt it was best to say this now and give whoever even still frequents this place the full picture of how the wrap-up of this site is going to happen. Not immediately, don’t get nervous. But it’ll definitely start to get a lot more barebones around here as we approach the end. And hey, who knows, maybe by next fall this place will get taken over by a Spirit Halloween.

I want the site to end on its own terms. And I believe, with what I have planned, I’m going do that. I mentioned last year that I was working on a series of Oscar articles that would cover every category, not just the handful I initially covered. Posting those feels like it would be the perfect full circle with which to end the site. It began with the Oscar Quest and it’ll end with the Oscar Quest.

However, those articles are not written yet. I haven’t even (really) started them. A part of me was hoping I’d get them done last year in order to really have the site go full-circle and end on 1/1/21 after starting on 1/1/11. But it didn’t happen. Instead we got all those Top Tens of the Decade lists, which were their own version of coming full circle. I still can’t believe I got write up a decade’s worth of film that I covered here on the site. Those articles ended up being the shot in the arm I needed to get excited about these eventual final Oscar articles. But, as I said, they’re not written yet.

Once 1/1/21 came and went, I thought maybe I’d get them done once this past Oscar season was over and have them going up by… well, now. Clearly that hasn’t happened either. Which means 2022. There’s no firm timeline because, above all else, I want to get them right. I want them to be able to exist the way my Top Ten lists do: as ever-present resources that I can be proud to have here for people to discover that I can also edit without too much fuss as I watch and rewatch stuff and as my opinions change over time. I’ve said many times how unhappy I became with those initial Oscar Quest articles (and to a lesser extent, the five-year articles, which really only function as an addendum to the originals). I want these to be able to exist by themselves. So they’ll go up when they’re ready, whenever that may be.

In the meantime, here’s what to expect for the near future:

— Oscar season proceeds as normal. The first major happening will be the NBR Awards next week. I love NBR and will for sure write that up. I’ll also put up the usual list of important dates as I always do and do my best to cover everything on it as I usually do. I can’t guarantee it’ll come at the same volume as most years, but in some form I will cover all the precursor awards. You know how much I love Oscar season. I can’t not pay attention to it all. Plus writing up all the precursors helps me just as much as it helps anyone else. Stuff will be covered, I just don’t know how yet.

— As for the December year-end stuff, there almost certainly won’t be articles for performances, scores, trailers, overrated, underrated, etc. If I do end up doing them, it’ll probably just be bulleted lists in a single article. If I get excited enough to write up something in detail I will. Until then, let’s assume less and maybe we get more. I also didn’t write out reviews this year, so my Year in Reviews will be much more truncated than usual. On the 29th, I’ll post one article with star ratings for everything I’ve seen to that point. On the 30th, I’ll do my usual wrap-up where I compare each film’s rating to the ones I guessed for them in January. Then, as always, the 31st is the Top Ten List. The extent to which I’ll be fully finished watching everything from this year by then is still up for debate, but we’ve got a month. If it happens that I post it and make a few changes in January then so be it.

— A lot of the older articles of the site have been (and will continue to be) retired. Nobody needs to read my coverage of the 2016 MPSE Awards anymore. I’ve already retired the original Oscar Quest articles and will eventually retire the 2015/6 ‘Reconsidered’ articles as soon as the ‘final’ Quest articles start getting posted. My votes for all categories in both versions of those articles will make their way to the final set (since I like the idea of showing how my opinions have changed over time), but having three separate sets of articles just feels like a complicated nightmare. I want this site to exist as a document of my journey in film over a decade (okay, 12 years) and as a resource for others to find cool things to watch (with some fun stuff thrown in as well), and I want it to be as streamlined as possible without any extraneous stuff that doesn’t matter anymore.

— As we near the end, I will post an article that will cover all relevant navigation going forward. It will forever be pinned to the front page of the site and link to everything there is to see. No one will have to search around for anything. Everything that will be there will be everything there is.

— As I said earlier, those final Oscar Quest articles will be the final piece of content posted on the site. Once they finish (I have two separate dates next year I’m aiming for, if I can manage it), that will mark the end of the site. The day after the final article posts, I will post one final Pic of the Day (which I’ve had picked out for a decade) to serve as my spiritual curtain call for the B+ Movie Blog.









That doesn’t mean there won’t be content going up ever again. It just means the site will be retired. Think of it like a journalist retiring from a newspaper. They’re not going in to the office every day anymore, but they may still occasionally send something in to publish. You think I won’t still be watching movies? Won’t want to write up a Top Ten list each year? Won’t want to guess Oscar nominees and winners? Of course I will. And who knows what kind of stuff I might get up to in my spare time (or have been already) that could go up? I just want it to be able to post stuff on my own terms and on my own time without the burden of expectation.

It’s been a hell of a run, and I can honestly say that creating this site has 100% helped me become the person I am today (for better or more likely for worse). So thank you to the tens of people who have read this site for any length of time and honestly have helped it last as long as it has. I wouldn’t have kept going if it weren’t for the ever-increasing number of people who kept happening upon this place. And even though I won’t be gone forever and will still pop up from time to time, until then feel free to just assume I was killed tragically in a kiln explosion.

– – – – – – – – – –


One response

  1. Mike, I’m sorry to hear this, but I could tell things weren’t quite the same the last couple of years (especially when you retired the Unforgivables list). You gotta take care of yourself above all.

    As always I’ll look forward to your awards season posts and the final iteration of the Oscar Quest posts. And I do hope we hear more from you in the years to come, but as the muse strikes.

    November 25, 2021 at 2:01 pm

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