Oscars 2021: Golden Globe Nominations

Globe nominations. This is the ‘official’ beginning of Oscar season, as it’s our first set of official precursors. Based on this, we have our first tentative road map to figuring out what the Oscar nominees are going to be.

As always, because it’s the Hollywood Foreign Press, you take these with a grain of salt and not as scripture, a fact that’s only compounded this year based on all that’s happened with HFPA over the past year. If you remember, there was all that controversy about them not having any Black members and them cancelling this year’s ceremony so they could get their house in order, only to quietly come back a few months later and say ‘we did it, ceremony’s on’ after admitting only six Black members. As you can imagine… I have questions. I don’t know how much of these nominations are gonna be in response to that or just be their actual tastes.

I’ve had two things I’ve said pretty consistently over the course of this site as it pertains to awards season: 1) you can always count on (insert group here) to do what they always do in the end, and 2) you can do diversity without having to force it if you just watch all the damn movies instead of the handful you think are the awards ones and vote for what you liked instead of what feels like the popular way to go. The only question is which of those scenarios will end up being more of the case by the time I get to the end of these nominees. I’m gonna assume #1, but let’s see.

Here are your 2021 Golden Globe nominations:

Best Picture – Drama




King Richard

The Power of the Dog

Okay, so pretty much in line with what we saw from NBR and AFI. You’d think CODA would be the one that jumps out at me, but it isn’t. It’s Dune. I’m surprised they gave Dune a Best Picture nomination. I guess they just really like Denis that much. Because I can’t explain it otherwise. I mean, it’s a really good movie, but it definitely doesn’t feel like the kind of movie that would be all over an Oscar race. That really makes me curious about what I’m gonna see the rest of the way.

Belfast is entirely their speed. That’s the quintessential Globes movie. King Richard also makes a lot of sense, and honestly I’d have been surprised if I didn’t see that here. They nominated Will Smith for Concussion. This was a slam dunk. Power of the Dog I’ve heard amazing things about and will be in the middle of watching as this article is posted. So you’ll hear my reaction to it in future Oscar discussions, but for now, it feels perfectly in place based on what I’ve heard and I will never begrudge a western getting nominated for awards.

Okay, so now CODA. It’s easy to view that as the ‘diversity inclusion’, but I don’t see how you do that. It won Sundance, NBR and AFI had it prominently on their lists, and it’s consistently been mentioned as one of the best films of the year. It just happens to be about a deaf family. Which goes back to what I said about how diversity is easy if you just expand your scope and watch more movies. Granted, the old Globes would have had House of Gucci on here instead of it, and perhaps the whole shake up made them more open minded to including it. Or maybe it is just legitimately one of the best movies of the year (which I firmly believe). I think this is an all-around win.

In terms of exclusions — I am a little surprised Ridley didn’t make this list in any form. The Globes love him. But I guess House of Gucci got mediocre reviews and Last Duel wasn’t seen by anyone. Still, three years ago, Ridley would’ve been all over this list. Not shocked, just something to note there. Other things I’m expecting I plan to see in the next category, so I’ll hold off on those for a moment.

No Guillermo and Nightmare Alley though. Maybe because it screened too late, maybe because they weren’t that into it. Guess we’ll find out later when BFCA announces and when it comes out later in the week. No Macbeth, but I’m not really shocked there. Shakespeare feels like a tough sell in a Best Picture category in 2021.

Ultimately this feels very in line with what I’ve seen thus far, so aside from the specifics of both Dune and CODA being here (which is more interesting than anything else), it all feels reasonable.

Best Picture – Musical/Comedy


Don’t Look Up

Licorice Pizza

Tick… Tick… Boom!

West Side Story

Oh wow. A legitimate Musical/Comedy category. I half-expected House of Gucci to end up here like The Martian did. Also, three legitimate musicals here and two straight up comedies. Licorice Pizza I guess isn’t a straight comedy, but it’s a romantic comedy and it’s funny, so absolutely. Still, this is about as good a Musical/Comedy category as I’ve seen from them in a long time.

Also, no French Dispatch. That’s… interesting. Maybe they just ran out of room. Guess we’ll know more with BFCA, the BAFTA long lists and eventually PGA/SAG.

Still, hard to argue against these (even though admittedly I’ve only seen two at the moment). I’m interested to see what Cyrano is, but with Joe Wright doing something classical, I’m sure it’ll be good. Don’t Look Up I don’t know what to make of. I’ve avoided everything about it (including a trailer), but caught wind of mixed-ish reviews (I think?), so I’m curious to see what I’ll think of it once I end up seeing it. But, seeing it hit here and both NBR and AFI tells me that regardless, it should be at least somewhat of a factor going forward, which is really all that matters. West Side Story I’ll go see probably tomorrow, and I’m thrilled for it.

Licorice Pizza I adored, so I’m happy to see the Paul Thomas Anderson train starting early (especially since his comedies are hit and miss with awards groups and even Phantom Thread was questionable until it busted out with all those Oscar nominations). And Tick Tick Boom was very well done, and I fully expected to see it here anyway just because of their love for Lin-Manuel.

So yeah, solid category, and honestly the only thing they could have done differently was put French Dispatch on, and even though I loved that I’m not even that upset to not see it here.

Best Director

Kenneth Branagh, Belfast

Jane Campion, The Power of the Dog

Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Lost Daughter

Steven Spielberg, West Side Story

Denis Villeneuve, Dune



Okay, let’s start with the obvious — Branagh. That feels like it’s their movie for this year. Sure feels like Belfast and West Side Story are their two Picture winners and either Branagh or Spielberg wins this. It’s possible they go all in on Power of the Dog, but for now, rule #1, assume they do what they always do. Let’s assume Belfast and West Side Story. So cool.

Denis gets nominated for Dune. Which is interesting to me, since he’s never been nominated at the Globes before in this category. So it’s a weird place to start nominating him. But okay. Guess they really liked Dune. Not gonna argue, because Denis is great, the film was very good and it at least shows that they are consistent in liking what they liked.

Campion also gets nominated, which, given the Best Picture nomination, is not all that surprising. Not much to say about that, though it does have the bonus of getting a woman on the board, even if it feels like it might have been ancillary to them liking the film. Still, win is a win.

Now for Maggie Gyllenhaal. I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know what to make of this nomination. Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else, and I probably won’t get to see it until it releases on Netflix on the 31st (which means I’ll be racing to watch it that morning in preparation for the Top Ten list). I truly don’t know if this is something they really liked, or if this is them trying to diversify their nominees list. I’m gonna err on the side of the former, just because I want to think they wouldn’t stoop that low. Plus, considering this is the group that gave this award to Barbra Streisand for Yentl, it’s really not out of the realm for them. And since reviews for the movie seem very positive, perhaps this is just them going for something unique and (from what I can gather) ambitious rather than just tossing on Ridley Scott again or whoever. We’ll see how much of it carries over (I’m guessing not much, since we know how the DGA and Academy are), but for now, cool.

Best Actor – Drama

Mahershala Ali, Swan Song

Javier Bardem, Being the Ricardos

Benedict Cumberbatch, The Power of the Dog

Will Smith, King Richard

Denzel Washington, The Tragedy of Macbeth

Three Black men and a hispanic man. All respected actors in high profile projects. This is how you do diversity without being obvious about it. These may be five of the best performances of the year without caveat. I’ve only seen the Smith performance, but that one I wholly agree with. I have no doubt Denzel is great as well. Bardem I’m curious about just because of the mixed reactions I believe I’ve heard about that movie (though maybe he’s great. I’ll know in like eight days). That could be a ‘Globes special’ or it could be a solid nomination. Cumberbatch makes sense based on the love for Power of the Dog I’m seeing. I’ll know soon how I feel about the performance, but on paper it makes sense. And Ali, I don’t know anything about the movie other than it comes out Friday, so that could just as easily be a ‘we love Mahershala’ nomination as much as anything else. And honestly? Fine with that.

Otherwise, most people I’d have expected to see here are gonna be in the next category. Last Duel and Matt Damon may have been the only other one I’d have kept an eye out for, but even that I can easily live without. This category makes sense to me. Most of the performances I’m thinking about as high profile ones from the year are (for a change) female performances. And based on what I’ve seen (which excludes almost all of these thus far), I don’t see anything I feel needed to be here over these. So yeah. Nothing too out of the ordinary here.

Best Actor – Musical/Comedy

Leonardo DiCaprio, Don’t Look Up

Peter Dinklage, Cyrano

Andrew Garfield, Tick… Tick… Boom!

Cooper Hoffman, Licorice Pizza

Anthony Ramos, In the Heights

Yup. There’s Dinklage, there’s Garfield. Leo makes total sense, because we know how they love stars. Ramos is a nice inclusion, and I love that Cooper Hoffman got nominated. I notice no Ansel Elgort, though. Which is somewhat telling (though I’ll be honest, the Tony character is like, the least interesting character in that musical, so I’m not that surprised).

Interesting I haven’t seen Joaquin Phoenix anywhere. But I guess I wouldn’t really expect that from the Globes. That’s more of a BFCA thing. Also interesting that I have no idea whether they consider House of Gucci a drama or a comedy yet. I assume I’ll be seeing Gaga soon, if nothing else, so that’ll tell me. I can’t imagine they ignore that movie completely, with the possibility of Gaga on the table. But yeah, this all tracks and fits perfectly with what they nominated for Picture here, so no notes.

Best Actress – Drama

Jessica Chastain, The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Olivia Colman, The Lost Daughter

Nicole Kidman, Being the Ricardos

Lady Gaga, House of Gucci

Kristen Stewart, Spencer

There’s Gaga. So Gucci is a drama. I figured, but you never know with the Globes. And there’s Stewart as well. Fully support both performances. Also loved the Chastain performance as well. Film’s a little flimsy, but she goes for it, and in a year without that much I out and out loved, I’m all for the nomination. Do I buy it as a surefire Oscar nominee? Not at all. Unless I see it hit at least two more precursors. But otherwise, love that they added her.

I can only imagine Lost Daughter is Olivia Colman looking for her missing daughter and it’s an emotional performance, so I buy that she’d be here, especially since she’s great and they love her. As long as she doesn’t go full Sean Penn ‘IS THAT MY DAUGHTER IN THERE’, I suspect she’s a shoo-in for an eventual nomination. Kidman also makes total sense. They love her, it’s a baity role, totally get that. This all tracks for me.

Personally I’d have said maybe take a look at Jodie Comer in Last Duel and maybe Caitriona Balfe in Belfast, but even then, barring what I think of the last two performances once I see them, I may even be okay without them. Also, Emilia Jones is great in CODA. I wouldn’t expect them to have nominated her, but she is worthy of inclusion.

Best Actress – Musical/Comedy

Marion Cotillard, Annette

Alana Haim, Licorice Pizza

Jennifer Lawrence, Don’t Look Up

Emma Stone, Cruella

Rachel Zegler, West Side Story

YES. Annette. What an off-the-wall movie. I know the nomination is Cotillard over anything else (especially since… not really a full on lead?), but it’s fun that the film is represented somewhere just so it can be brought up and I can tell the unsuspecting what it is and what it’s about. So that’s fun.

Haim, Lawrence and Zegler were gimmes. And Stone is a classic Globes nomination. They love her, it’s a high profile role, they get to get her to the ceremony and get people talking about why it was included. Makes total sense. The problem only comes when most of the category is like that.

Curious that there’s no Haley Bennett from Cyrano here. That tells me the Cyrano nominations were more token than anything because they figured it would fit and they love Peter Dinklage. She feels like a slam dunk kind of a choice for this category (sight unseen, of course), so the exclusion tells me they probably didn’t particularly see or care about the movie and included it just to look good (which is par for the course with them and is something absolutely no one should be surprised about).

And while I know they love star power over anything else, I’d have also told them to consider Rachel Sennott in Shiva Baby and, even though it’s more of a dramedy, Patti Harrison in Together Together. Otherwise, solid enough category while still them staying true to who they are (for better or worse).

Best Supporting Actor

Ben Affleck, The Tender Bar

Jamie Dornan, Belfast

Ciaran Hinds, Belfast

Troy Kotsur, CODA

Kodi Smit-McPhee, The Power of the Dog

I’ll be honest. When I saw Affleck’s name, I just assumed it was for Last Duel until I went back and looked closer. This is an interesting development. That means they saw the Clooney movie and this was its only nomination. But at least it means people are considering it (or they just wanted to include Affleck because it means they can also invite J-Lo).

Ciaran Hinds an Troy Katsur are two of the best supporting performances I saw this year and am THRILLED both got on here. I hope they go all the way through to the final category. Jamie Dornan is solid, but I can take or leave him as a nominee. Mostly it underscores just how much they went in on Belfast. And Kodi Smit-McPhee, I’ll know more about later. But for now, sure. Also means they loved Power of the Dog more than anything. Until I see him pop up everywhere, I’m not sure he’ll carry through. But you never know with what seems like it could be a weak year.

Otherwise, I personally wasn’t thrilled with a lot of the supporting stuff this year. Most of my favorites were things that clearly would never rate for awards voters (like Bradley Cooper in Licorice Pizza or a slew of performances from The Harder They Fall, as brief examples). They skewed toward the movies they liked the best. Personally, I’d have went for Jared Leto in House of Gucci, since his character did exactly what it was supposed to do, as over the top as it was. Also, since I mentioned The Last Duel and won’t have too many places to say this — as much as people talked about what Affleck did there, I much preferred Alex Lawther as the King of France and think he should be considered more by people than he has.

Best Supporting Actress

Caitriona Balfe, Belfast

Ariana DeBose, West Side Story

Kirsten Dunst, The Power of the Dog

Aunjanue Ellis, King Richard

Ruth Negga, Passing

Ah, there’s Caitriona Balfe. They pushed her supporting. I mean, sure. She felt like a lead to me, along with Jude Hill (who I’d also consider nominating), but as long as people are liking the performance, I’m fine with it. DeBose makes total sense here. Dunst is great in general and continues to show how much they liked Power of the Dog. Ellis was terrific, and Ruth Negga was terrific as well. I’d also consider her a lead, but I mean, sure. A nomination in possibly the wrong category is better than no nomination. Wholly support that one however it happens.

If this were 20 years ago, Judi Dench would be all over this for Belfast. Also, as much as people are (rightfully) praising Aunjanue Ellis for King Richard, I also thought Saniyya Sidney was just as good and also worthy of consideration (she played Venus). Demi Singleton was also very good in the movie, but the Serena character was kind of pushed to the side and not given as much as I might want to see to make a strong case for adding her. But there’s no reason Sidney isn’t just as deserving as Ellis in this category.

Other things I remember liking — Lara McDonnell in Belfast, as the older cousin. She was terrific. But if Caitriona Balfe is gonna dominate this category from that film, I’m cool with it just being her. Marlee Matlin was great in CODA. Ana de Armas in No Time to Die. I know it’s not their cup of tea, but you can’t tell me she wasn’t one of the best parts of that movie. Also, Harriet Sansom Harris in Licorice Pizza — one scene, yes. But what a scene that was. Also Gaby Homfmnn in C’mon C’mon. Guess all she’s gonna get for that great performance is an Independent Spirit nomination. Also shoutout to Danielle Deadwyler in the Harder They Fall. There’s a bunch of great supporting work in that movie, but she in particular was terrific.

Also a solid performance in a movie no one knows about — Vinette Robinson in Boiling Point. I’ll talk about that movie as we get loser to year-end stuff, but she’s quite good in it. Of course, never someone who would actually compete for awards, the way things are, but my duty here, as much as it is to inform people about what’s most likely gonna get nominated, is to recommend good movies to watch. And that movie was very good and she was very good in it.

But yeah, this category — fine. Makes sense to me, and it’s diverse without being deliberate while also somehow keeping to the small list of ‘awards’ movies everyone sticks to each year. Maybe they got lucky, maybe things are actually changing for the better.

Best Screenplay

Being the Ricardos


Don’t Look Up

Licorice Pizza

The Power of the Dog

Sorkin, McKay, Anderson. Then Branagh and Campion. Totally tracks. Would’ve liked to see CODA, not at all surprised to not see King Richard here, otherwise a solid enough category on paper. It’s the Globes and it’s a single category. This one doesn’t really matter much in the end.

Best Original Score



The French Dispatch

The Power of the Dog

Parallel Mothers

Encanto. Whoa, what is this, the 90s? Since when do Disney movies get Score nominations anymore? But there’s French Dispatch. So at least they are aware of it. I know they love Desplat, so that tracks. And Zimmer/Dune, that was a gimme. Power of the Dog I believe is Jonny Greenwood, so that’s cool. They always embraced people like him more than the Academy ever did. Parallel Mothers is Alberto Iglesias, so that’s cool. Feels very much like something they’d do.

Encanto’s the only real eyebrow-raiser for me. I haven’t started listening to all the scores yet, so I’ll know more as we get closer. Plus the Academy’s gonna release shortlists anyway, so we’ll know pretty soon whether any of these are gonna matter for the Oscars (though I imagine at least three of these for sure will).

Best Original Song

“Be Alive,” from King Richard (Beyoncé)

“Dos Oruguitas,” from Encanto (Lin-Manuel Miranda)

“Down to Joy,” from Belfast (Van Morrison)

“Here I Am (Singing My Way Home),” from Respect (Jennifer Hudson/Carole King)

“No Time to Die,” from No Time to Die (Billie Eilish)

I continue my tradition of telling you who was involved in each song because as we all know, the Globes are notorious for being star fuckers in this category more than anywhere else. And look at everyone here. Notice that Jennifer Hudson got absolutely no notice for the movie itself (not that she should have. The movie wasn’t particularly good, and from what I heard, Cynthia Erivo and that miniseries were way better) but they threw her on here because it’s her and that movie.

I assume this is Billie Eilish all the way, en route to a probable Oscar win for her. They are not gonna be able to resist giving it to her. She feels exactly like the kind of person they’re gonna run to give an award to. But yeah, I put no stock into this category until I have to (which, if I can help it, is never).

Best Animated Feature




My Sunny Maad

Raya and the Last Dragon

Look at that. Two foreign films on here. And three obvious choices. Disney/Pixar has three solid entries this year, which makes me wonder how the final category is gonna turn out, since they almost never like going in for them more than once. That’s gonna be interesting.

But, based on the list of eligible animated films, the only interesting exclusions from this are The Mitchells vs. the Machines and Vivo. Ron’s Gone Wrong also fits the profile, but I can’t tell if they’ll take that seriously enough. The other two at least feel like they could sneak in as a fourth or fifth nominee and no one would bat an eye. Everything else is either bad, foreign (and not the kind they go for. Most of it is straight anime, like Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko, Pompo the Cinephile), way too weird/independent for them (Spine of Night, Cryptozooo) or just not something that they’d look at without precursor support (Summit of the Gods being the top one).

The only major takeaways I have from this list are: 1) are three Disney/Pixar movies gonna make the final list? and 2) what’s gonna happen with Flee and My Sunny Maad?

Flee I suspect will end up shortlisted in both Documentary and Animated Feature. The last couple of years we’ve had stuff shortlisted in multiple categories and have had to figure which (if either) they’d get. This feels no different. And My Sunny Maad — I don’t know if that’s just a Globes deal or it’ll factor into all precursor stuff. So mostly I’m just gonna keep an eye on both of those for now and see how things shape up.

And not that it matters, but since I’m probably not writing up an Animated Feature article this year, I’m just gonna lead with my gut for now and say that Luca probably wins it all because of their reflexive ‘vote for Pixar’ mentality. Raya was very good, but I’m not sure they’ll en masse like that over Luca, even with Luca basically being Call Me By Your Name (or ‘Calamari by Your Name’, as I saw a review call it). Encanto I’ll need to see first to decide how I feel about its chances, but for now, my gut just says it’s probably the choice over Raya and even still it’s gonna be Luca in the end that wins. We’ll see what, if anything, changes my mind over the next few months.

Best Foreign Language Film

Compartment No. 6

Drive My Car

The Hand of God

A Hero

Parallel Mothers

Almodovar, Sorrentino, Farhadi. Drive My Car is one of the most lauded films of the year as well. So that all tracks for them. Compartment Number 6 I know nothing about and will look into. I’m totally oblivious to everything foreign this year since it took all I cold handle to catch up on all the domestic stuff. So I’m honestly just gonna wait for the shortlist and then work from there.

But it is somewhat noteworthy that the Globes, despite being able to go in for stuff that the Oscars can’t nominate, didn’t seem to go that far off the board. Just Almodovar, really. Though again, I don’t really know what could have made it on that isn’t eligible for the Oscar. Even Titane is eligible there this year. So this is more of a ‘I’ll circle back once I know more’ situation.

– – – – – – – – – –

Okay, and now for the TV stuff, which I know little to nothing about and will talk shit about anyway because all these TV nominations always feel like a joke to me.

Best Series – Drama


The Morning Show


Squid Game



Morning Show seems like it’s based on the stars. Pose is a very Globes choice. Squid Game is them getting the sleeper hit of the year in there (like Bridgerton last year). Lupin I feel like they’re a year late on, because I heard people talking about it being great last year (but that tracks for them as well). And despite everyone talking up Squid Game, Succession will just go ahead and win this anyway, to absolutely no one’s surprise. And if it doesn’t, I also won’t care.

Best Series – Musical/Comedy

The Great


Only Murders in the Building

Reservation Dogs

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is the big fish here, but this category always seems to go to the new, hip show. Hacks being the obvious choice. But Lasso lost last year, so maybe they give it to it this year to make up for it. The Great is the quintessential ‘nominated everywhere but never wins anything’ show. Only Murders in the Building I know is Steve Martin and Martin Short, so that fits the middle-agedness of most voters (The Kominsky Method did great here) and feels like it could also easily win. And Reservation Dogs I bet less than half of the voters even know about.

Best Actor in a Series – Drama

Brian Cox, Succession

Lee jung-jae, Squid Game

Billy Porter, Pose

Jeremy Strong, Succession

Omar Sy, Lupin

K. I assume this is either Strong or Cox, but I’ll be honest — could not care less.

Best Actor in a Series – Musical/Comedy

Anthony Anderson, Blackish

Nicholas Hoult, The Great

Steve Martin, Only Murders in the Building

Martin Short, Only Murders in the Building

Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso

There’s Martin and Short. Hoult and Anderson are perennials here, and Anderson being a literal token nominee is beyond laughable at this point and insulting to him, the show and his consistently good performances in everthing he’s in.

This is Sudeikis in a walk and I don’t think anyone believes anything different.

Best Actress in a Series – Drama

Uzo Aduba, In Treatment

Jennifer Aniston, The Morning Show

Christine Baranski, The Good Fight

Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale

Mj Rodriguez,  Pose

Lotta perennials here. Moss has already won for that show and I’m sure they’re past voting for it. Baranski is a ‘never gonna win’ situation. Aniston feels like she could always potentially win but is probably a red herring. I assume this is Aduba or maybe Rodriguez in a surprise to get them positive press.

Best Actress in a Series – Musical/Comedy

Hanna Einbender, Hacks

Elle Fanning, The Great

Issa Rae, Insecure

Traci Ellis Ross, Black-ish

Jean Smart, Hacks

Isn’t Jean Smart the performance du jour? I assume she’s the favorite, unless they give it to Issa Rae for the entirety of her show, kind of like how Schitt’s Creek took that victory lap last year. Fanning is a perennial ‘never gonna win’ situation, and Ross is in the same boat as Anthony Anderson. I still can’t believe people don’t talk about how blatant those nominations are (though don’t worry, wait til I get to BFCA and their checklist of TV shows). It’s cool and all that they’re included, but come on, guys. Don’t even pretend like you watch that show.

Best Miniseries or TV Movie


Impeachment: American Crime Story


Mare of Easttown

The Underground Railroad

I’ve at least heard of all these, so that’s good I guess.

I also better see acting nominations for Underground Railroad or else that’s complete bullshit tokenism out of them.

Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Paul Bettany, WandaVision

Oscar Isaac, Scenes from a Marriage

Michael Keaton, Dopesick

Ewan McGregor, Halston

Tahar Rahim, The Serpent

WandaVision. Ha ha.

Oh, but right, Scenes from a Marriage. They’re both gonna win for that, aren’t they?

Rahim is a sneaky good bet here, considering they nominated him for The Mauritanian last year. Though more than likely not enough people saw the show to bother. I assume this is Isaac or Keaton, since everyone loves Keaton and you know his speech would be great.

Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Jessica Chastain, Scenes from a Marriage

Cynthia Erivo, Genius: Aretha

Elizabeth Olsen, WandaVision

Margaret Qualley, Maid

Kate Winslet, Mare of Easttown

Chastain or Winslet, no question. Erivo should factor in more (also, that Aretha making it on over Respect tells me everything I need to know), but something tells me because her show wasn’t premium HBO/Starz or whatever, they won’t respect it. Most people won’t have seen Maid and I assume WandaVision is the populist bone they throw that won’t actually compete for a win. That’s just there for the headlines to get people to tune in. Chastain makes the most sense, but Winslet is sort of the gold standard of a nominee, with her and the show’s profile, so I kinda feel like reflexively she might win.

Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie

Billy Crudup, The Morning Show

Kieran Culkin, Succession

Mark Duplass, The Morning Show

Brent Goldstein, Ted Lasso

Oh Yeong-Su, Squid Game

K. Lets assume it’s Culkin, but otherwise, who really cares. Good for all these actors.

Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie

Jennifer Coolidge, The White Lotus

Kaitlyn Dever, Dopesick

Andi MacDowell, Maid

Sarah Snook, Succession

Hannah Weddingham, Ted Lasso

Just gonna assume it’s either a Succession or Lasso sweep, with Jen Coolidge as an outside contender. Otherwise, whatever. It’s TV. I ignore these categories. I guarantee, when these awards are handed out, I will respond to at least two wins with ‘K’ and nothing else.

– – – – –

So yeah, those are your Globes nominations. I’ll be back in a bit with BFCA nominations and then we’ll have a real nice piece of our Oscar puzzle starting to take shape.

– – – – – – – – – –


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