Hi, folks. Been a minute.

When last we spoke, I was getting ready to wrap this place up. That is, once the Oscar articles were posted. Now, at the time, I said I had a couple of dates in mind for when that would be. One of those was… well, now, with the plan to finish at the end of the year. As you can see, that hasn’t happened. Though unlike the last couple of dates I had in my head for them, I actually did start working on them this time. I had a reasonable pace going for a while, too. Though it was one of those things where I was already on a shoestring timeline to begin with and, to have gotten everything done on time in the way that I’d feel comfortable, I’d have been in the most insane time crunch by the end. And, after two instances of that happening with Fun with Franchises, I’ve learned it’s not worth it. So, I pushed them to next year. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that they’ll actually be finished by that time, but seeing where I’m at now, I think we’ll be okay.

To get it out there, for both my own accountability and for the tens of people who actually care, the goal is to have the articles start going up right after Memorial Day and finish for what will be my 35th birthday. That feels like a fitting day to retire the site that was a major part of the last 12 years of my life (or I guess 13 by the time we get there). So that’s the goal. We’ll see if I can make it. Because, as I said, I want them to go up properly (which means, in a good enough form that all I have to do going forward is just update my thoughts for each film and/or category as I rewatch stuff over time). So I’m not rushing this. But I’m also not trying to have this be a “Winds of Winter” situation either. I don’t want this dragging on forever.

OH! And one last thing — that does mean Oscar season is happening this year. I don’t know how much it’s gonna happen, but I’d wager around the same as it did last year. A couple of bulk updates here and there, but largely only focusing on the stuff that actually matters. I don’t really have a plan for any of it. Mostly I’m just gonna post… kind of like I did last year… as the mood strikes.

I’ve gotten this far just sort of winging it, so what’s one more year?


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