Ranking the Netflix Original Movies

Here’s the place to look to find all my Netflix lists.

The quick version is — I watch just about everything that comes out each year, and that includes all the major Netflix Original Films that get put out. There are a lot of those, and given that the platform is just this giant blob of stuff, a lot of the good ones, if they don’t break out and get widespread attention, get forgotten about almost immediately.

So the goal was to rank all of them, to both give you a sense of my taste in what they put out and to hopefully get you to find something that’s really good that you didn’t know about or never watched because, hey, it’s always there.

Notes: These lists are my own opinions, and I don’t care what yours are. You want a list, create a site and put your list on there. Second, I basically had to use my own instincts as to what did and did not count as a Netflix Original. Really as long as you look at it as a way to maybe find some cool movies (like most stuff on this site), you’ll be fine.

I’m also not just gonna throw the entire list on here. You gotta click the articles to see the rankings. So, here they are:







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