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Oscars 2021: Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were handed out last night, not that most people noticed, since they skipped a ceremony this year and didn’t even televise whatever event they had to hand out awards. Which honestly was probably the way to go this year, after all the chaos surrounding them the past year. I had questions about them even going through with a ceremony in the first place after announcing they were gonna skip it this year to get their house in order, only to turn around and come back for the money after what feels like a series of nominal-at-best changes. So them doing it this way was probably the way to go.

Of course, depending on the results, I may have a few questions about the validity of these choices as they pertain to the rest of this season, but my guess is what I’m about to see is generally what I’d expect from them.

So let’s see what the Globes have surreptitiously given us this year: (more…)

Oscars 2021: Golden Globe Nominations

Globe nominations. This is the ‘official’ beginning of Oscar season, as it’s our first set of official precursors. Based on this, we have our first tentative road map to figuring out what the Oscar nominees are going to be.

As always, because it’s the Hollywood Foreign Press, you take these with a grain of salt and not as scripture, a fact that’s only compounded this year based on all that’s happened with HFPA over the past year. If you remember, there was all that controversy about them not having any Black members and them cancelling this year’s ceremony so they could get their house in order, only to quietly come back a few months later and say ‘we did it, ceremony’s on’ after admitting only six Black members. As you can imagine… I have questions. I don’t know how much of these nominations are gonna be in response to that or just be their actual tastes.

I’ve had two things I’ve said pretty consistently over the course of this site as it pertains to awards season: 1) you can always count on (insert group here) to do what they always do in the end, and 2) you can do diversity without having to force it if you just watch all the damn movies instead of the handful you think are the awards ones and vote for what you liked instead of what feels like the popular way to go. The only question is which of those scenarios will end up being more of the case by the time I get to the end of these nominees. I’m gonna assume #1, but let’s see.

Here are your 2021 Golden Globe nominations: (more…)