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Oscars 2022: Precursors 33 ⅓ — The Final Insult

Last set of precursors, guys. Oscar night is within a week now, and we’re in the final stretches.

Not gonna waste any time here, let’s just get into what won so we can finish our ballots:

CAS, the Sound Mixers, gave their award to Top Gun: Maverick. Of note here is that All Quiet actually was nominated against it. ACE, the Editors, gave their awards to Everything Everywhere All at Once (Comedy) and Top Gun: Maverick (Drama). No real surprises there. ASC, the Cinematographers, gave their award to Elvis, which is what I suspected, given their category vs. the Oscar category. The WGA Awards went to Everything Everywhere All at Once in Original and Women Talking in Adapted. Both of which are the presumed favorites, so nothing shocking. Women Talking also won the USC Scripter, if anyone puts stock into that (more…)