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Ranking Disney: #11 – Alice in Wonderland (1951)

I had this in the top ten for the longest time. But at the last second (the very last second. Like, two days ago), I bumped it here. The reason being — well, when you see what #10 is — all the reasons point to that as being #10. I do mostly take into account which ones I like most, and in that regard, this is definitely a top ten. I love this film. But, I do also take into account everything else about the films, and, in that respect, the film that ended up being #10 has the scales tipped in its favor in many respects.

That said — #11 is not exactly a bad position for this to be in. This film is amazing. I love how it’s animated. It’s a gorgeous film. And as I said before — strictly in terms of how I love the films, this is a top ten film for me. It’s so well-animated, and trippy as hell. I really like that part of it. How it’s mostly free-form than anything. We just sort of stumble through this world for 70 minutes.

But, all things considered — I had to ultimately put it here, which — #11 is still a great spot. (Plus, what do lists matter anyway?)