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Oscars 2020: AFI Awards

So the AFI Awards were announced today. They got the jump on NBR by a day. Usually I kick off my Oscar season with NBR, but apparently AFI just had to jump the gun. So let’s consider this the soft open. The dates article is already up, so it’s all fair game anyway.

Typically AFI is the most populist of this groups to announce, though they tend to get about half their list on the Best Picture list. Who the hell knows what the case is this year. I feel like I might have heard they were thinking of going back to a set ten, but maybe that was all just conjecture. So I’m just gonna look at this as a finger in the wind instead of a weather vane and just see where the winds are blowing before we start calculating it down to the exact direction and wind speed. (more…)

Oscars 2019: AFI Awards

So apparently the AFI Awards were announced a month ago and I just wasn’t paying attention. Mostly because they don’t matter. Turns out, today is the luncheon for them. Oh well.

Typically they do get 6-7 Best Picture nominees on their list. Last year they had 5 on their list proper with Roma as a ‘Special Award’. Having only seen the list just now, as I’m posting it, this looks exactly like all the other lists everyone else has been putting out. You’re probably looking at the same 6-7 as per usual, depending on what films ultimately get left off in the end.

AFI Top Ten Films

The Farewell

The Irishman
Jojo Rabbit
Knives Out
Little Women
Marriage Story
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Richard Jewell

And they gave a ‘Special Award’ to Parasite. (more…)

Oscars 2018: AFI Top Ten Films of the Year

AFI announced their top ten films this morning.

They’re not as important as NBR to me, but I do like looking at what they choose. Typically it’s a populist kind of list, probably more indicative of what the eventual Best Picture nominees will be than anything else. And always with the one trendy choice or two thrown in. I didn’t even have to look to know that some combination of Black Panther, A Quiet Place and A Star Is Born were gonna be on there. They’re obvious in those ways.

But, last year they had 7 Best Picture nominees on their list. 2016, they had 7. 2015 they had 6. 2014 they had 7. 2013, 7. So yeah… chances are at least 60% of this list will be your Best Picture nominees. So let’s see what they chose. (more…)

Oscars 2017: AFI Top Ten Films of the Year

AFI announced their top ten films.

I generally don’t put too much stock in them, since NBR is the big one for me. AFI just feels populist compared to them. Generally it’s mostly the same list as NBR, using the same one or two ‘buzz’ films that you’d expect them to have. In a year like this, you can straight up get at least eight or nine right off the top of your head.

Here’s what we got this year: (more…)

Oscars 2016: AFI Top Ten Films of the Year

AFI announced their top ten films of 2016.

This is pretty much an anticlimax after NBR. I always feel like I know which way AFI is gonna go. To the point where, when I saw they announced their list, I sat in the office and told the interns what they were probably gonna pick. And no joke, off the top of my head, I got eight of them straight up.

I’ll tell you my thinking in a minute, but generally I don’t put much stock into them. They’re a pretty populist list of what the most people liked or what feels “important.” They’re not as exciting to me as NBR, but they’re largely the same, much of the time.

Here are AFI’s Top Ten Films of 2016: (more…)

Oscars 2015: AFI Top Ten Films of the Year

The American Film Institute announced their top ten films of 2015.

I typically don’t say much about them. We all know how much I love NBR. To me, AFI tends to be more populist, going for more obvious choices. Last year, they had Into the Woods on their list. They have what you’d think a list like this would have. Which means I knew right away what at least two of their choices were.

They’re usually fairly in line with NBR and what the actual Oscars (or the perception of the Oscars) would nominate.

Here are AFI’s Top Ten Films of 2015: (more…)

Oscars 2014: AFI Top Ten Films of The Year

AFI announced their top ten films of the year today.

I typically don’t say much about them. I think we all know my love affair with NBR, so I tend to fawn over their choices. I always feel like AFI goes for the obvious choices, the ones that seem like what you’d think about when you thought of what a list like this would look like. Granted, that’s not to say they’re wrong, that’s just always how I think of them.

They tend to be pretty similar to my picks. More so, though, they tend to be in line with what the actual Oscar nominations are. So there’s that.

Anyway, here are AFI’s Top Ten Films of 2014: (more…)

Oscars 2013 Update: AFI Top Ten Movies of 2013

The American Film Institute released their annual top ten movies list today.

Typically they go with obvious choices, and your old standards. And usually they end up being pretty close to what the Oscar nominations are. So, without much comment, here’s AFI’s Top Ten Movies of 2013:

12 Years a Slave

American Hustle

Captain Phillips

Fruitvale Station



Inside Llewyn Davis


Saving Mr. Banks

The Wolf of Wall Street

It’s like we’ve seen these everywhere else before, huh?

Oscars 2012 Update: Best Original Score Eligibles & AFI Top Ten

Two more things were announced yesterday, one that has Oscar implications, and one that doesn’t, but is still interesting.

The first is the list of eligible scores for Best Original Score. There are 104 of them, but I bet when I’m done, I can narrow it down to a manageable twenty or so, if not less.

The other is the American Film Institute’s top ten films of the year. They tend to stray more toward what the Oscars will do than NBR, which typically has those few character choices that make me gravitate toward them. But AFI is usually pretty solid.

So we’ll start with them and get them out of the way, and then end with the scores. (more…)