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Oscars 2014: Annie Awards

The Annie Awards were last night. I’ll be brief, because they have a lot of categories and don’t really mean that much overall.

The one thing to note with guilds is that typically they will try to gear their voting toward what was nominated. So, going into these results cold, I expect a fairly poor showing from The Lego Movie. Since, clearly they didn’t nominate it, so they didn’t love it as much as the public did, and the people who would have voted for it here are more apt to not because it seems like a lot of guilds really want to be in line with what’s gonna happen at the Oscars a lot of the time.

So here are your Annie Award winners: (more…)


Oscars 2013 Update: Annie Awards

The Annie Awards were announced last night.

Frozen, not surprisingly, cleaned up. I think we all assume that’s the lock of the category and that there’s nothing that can beat it. Especially with Pixar not even in the race this year.

It won for Best Animated Feature, Best Directing in an Animated Feature, Music in an Animated Feature, Production Design in an Animated Feature, and Voice Acting in an Animated Feature.

Best Animated Short went to Get a Horse!, Best Animated Effects in an Animated Feature went to The Croods, which also took home Character Animation in an Animated Feature and Character Design in an Animated Feature. Pacific Rim took home Animated Effects in a Live-Action Feature, The Hobbit took home Character Animation in a Live-Action Feature (the first one, too. Not Smaug), Monsters University won for Storyboarding in an Animated Feature, as well as Editorial in an Animated Feature, while The Wind Rises took home Writing in an Animated Feature.

They kind of spread it out a little bit, but it’s obvious what the favorite was. This all but assures that Frozen will take home the Animated Feature Oscar.