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Oscars 2020: BAFTA Longlists

This is new. I’ve never seen them do this before.

BAFTA released longlists of all their categories. Like, all the categories. Which means that the entire BAFTA nominees list is just gonna be a pared down version of what they released. Not sure why they did it, but I’m happy about it. Now that we’re about to get BFCA later today, it’ll be real easy to telegraph the acting categories and as other things announce we can get an idea of where things are headed even without having to wait for them.

But yeah. Let’s see what we have: (more…)

Oscars 2019: BAFTA Awards

Okay, finally, the last precursor has been announced. And it’s the biggest of them all. We’re a week out from the Oscars and we only just got the final piece of the puzzle. Usually we’re pretty set on all this stuff beforehand and all we’re waiting on is like, the Sound Editors guild or the Costume Designers guild. But, then again, most years the Oscar ceremony isn’t a week after the Super Bowl. It’s a weird year.

But anyway, this should lock in just about every category anyone was remotely iffy about (which for me at this point is like, two. It’s a pretty straightforward year, feels like).

Here are your BAFTA winners: (more…)

Oscars 2019: BAFTA Nominations

Alrighty, then. He said, quoting Ace Ventura, a quintessentially British film.

It’s BAFTA morning, people. It’s bright and midday in the UK and the BAFTA nominations are out. This is the final piece to a lot of the category nominations. And the rest are also coming today, because apparently only WGA announced yesterday, which means that we’re getting PGA, DGA and VES nominations today, which means that literally every piece of help we’re going to get is gonna be in our greasy little mitts by the end of the day, and we will have exactly one week to figure out what gets nominated from there.

Okay, then, let’s get into nominations before I quote more Jim Carrey movies (somebody stop me).

Here are your BAFTA nominations: (more…)

2018: BAFTA Awards

All right. BAFTAs just got given out. This is the last major puzzle we have left for the Oscars. There are still five guilds left to announce. One of them is pretty important, two of them I can use but probably don’t need, one I definitely don’t need because the winner is obvious and the fifth is irrelevant. This is the one where the winners are gonna influence how I see certain races playing out.

I’ve got nothing else in the way of an introduction. So let’s just see how they voted.

Here are your 2018 BAFTA winners: (more…)

Oscars 2018: BAFTA Nominations

BAFTA announced today. Finally the last major piece of the puzzle for Oscar nominations. This will give us everything we’re gonna get, save some more guilds, which are only for the technical stuff. All the big stuff, we now have everything we’re gonna get.

BAFTA is always good in showing you which films and performances have sneaky support that may not be represented in the American precursors. You can always guess two or three extra nominees based solely on the British support. And the other reason they’re good — they don’t fall into the trap of the mainstream. I can tell you right now, sight unseen, that they nominated Black Panther for two or less awards. Because I feel like BAFTA, more than anything now, values quality over popularity. (Though they do often fall into the trap of “British nominee over other choices.” Nobody’s perfect.) But, as that last sentence suggests, I don’t know what the nominees are yet. I like to find out as I write them up, so my reactions are pure.

So here are your BAFTA nominees for 2018: (more…)

Oscars 2017: BAFTA Awards

The BAFTA Awards were just announced. This is the last major awards show before the Oscars, and typically what you get when they announce is a sense of “okay, this is what’s locked, and this is what’s gonna be open ended on Oscar night.” A few guilds still have to announce, but by and large, we have a sense of the majority of the categories at this moment.

We still have MPSE tonight, which we don’t necessarily need, CDG on Tuesday, which we don’t need at all, and CAS next weekend, which is helpful but I think we have a good sense of that category too.

I don’t have much else, so let’s just get into who won and what it means: (more…)

Oscars 2017: BAFTA Nominations

The BAFTA nominees were announced this morning. I actually watched the announcement of the categories live, but was not in a place to write up my thoughts at the time. So I’ve been sitting on this for almost a day until I could write this up.

BAFTA’s a big deal. This can usually tell you which movies aren’t as liked as you’d think, and which movies have sneaky support. The winners are generally more important than that nominees, but I always like seeing which way BAFTA goes.

Especially since they’re the only voting body that will have Paddington 2 nominated multiple times, including in an acting category!

Here are your BAFTA nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2016: BAFTA Awards

The BAFTAs were just announced. Guess what? Shit’s locked, guys.

This is the last major voting body we’ve been waiting for. After this, it’s just WGA, CAS, CDG, MPSE and the Makeup & Hairstylists Guild. Of those, we really only are gonna get any help from CDG. The rest we can reason through with the categories.

But yeah, BAFTAs. They definitely illuminated a few things I was curious about. Let’s just get into it. Here are your winners: (more…)

Oscars 2016: BAFTA Nominations

BAFTA nominations time. This is where we see cultural divides — which films do well with Americans but not with the Brits, and get an idea of what those surprise acting nominees are gonna be.

Generally they’re pretty much in line, but you know, every little bit helps.

Here are the BAFTA nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2015: BAFTA Awards

They’ve given out the BAFTA Awards. Which means we have all the information we’re gonna get in order to pick the Oscars. There are like five guilds left to announce, but for the most part, we have everything we need and now have two weeks to mull it over.

The BAFTAs, I’ve learned, are helpful, but usually in the sense of guessing when the Academy is going to falter. Or to back up what we already know. So we’ll take this a category at a time and see where it leaves us.

Here are the results of the 69th (hooray, immaturity!) BAFTA Awards: (more…)

Oscars 2015: BAFTA Awards Predictions

I’ll preface this by saying I know nothing about how BAFTA voting works. I just know how to use the results to pick the Oscars.

That said, the show is gonna start in like 20 minutes (though by the time this gets posted it’ll probably have just started), so I’m just gonna run through some guesses, because why the hell not. Mostly to familiarize myself with what they’ve nominated and kill 20 minutes of my morning from all the other shit I was doing.

Here are my guesses for the BAFTAs: (more…)

Oscars 2015: BAFTA Nominations

The BAFTA nominations were announced. This is the last major guild that can help us gauge interest in the major categories. After this, it’s just specific guilds for specific categories.

Let’s see if this changes anything for next week.

Here are your BAFTA nominations: (more…)

Oscars 2014: BAFTA Awards

The BAFTA Awards were today.

I love the BAFTAs, because they happen at night in the UK, which means that by 2 o’clock here, I know all the winners.

As a precursor, they’re somewhat helpful. Sometimes they’re off. Like last year, when they didn’t even nominate Matthew McConaughey. At this point, what it’s really useful for is knowing which way the British contingent of the Academy (which is much more concentrated in the Academy) will vote. It can either cement a winner or keep hope alive for an alternate.

Let’s see which way they went: (more…)

Oscars 2013 Update: BAFTA Awards

The BAFTA Awards were also announced last night. Normally, I’d put up predictions for them, but, quite frankly… I didn’t care enough to. I had other stuff going on.

But anyway, here are the winners and nominees, and we’ll talk about how that affects the Oscars as we go along.

Best Film

American Hustle

Captain Phillips



12 Years a Slave

Winner: 12 Years a Slave (more…)

2012 Oscars Update: BAFTA Awards

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced their awards yesterday.

Here’s what happened.

We’re just gonna get right into it.

Best Film


Les Misérables

Life of Pi


Zero Dark Thirty

Your winner after the jump: (more…)

Oscars 2012 Update: BAFTA Predictions

The BAFTA Awards are starting now over in the UK. Which works out quite nicely, since I needed an article to fill today.

I have to remind myself each year just how much the BAFTAs actually matter in terms of the Oscars. I keep thinking it’s “Not at all,” but I’m never sure enough to just say that. Usually I think the BAFTAs as either going entirely British, like awarding The Queen all the way through or something like that, or they just piggy back on what the Oscar trend is. Like when they jump all over The Artist or something. But, we’ll see. I’ll go over past winners for each category, so we’ll see just how much it actually seems to mean anything. Mostly I just look at the BAFTA section of the branches and how that might affect voting, but typically, I feel like not many of their decisions actually have Oscar consequences. Like, if they suddenly gave Best Film to Life of Pi, I don’t think there will be many articles about, “Oh man, does that have a chance now?” There will be obligatory ones, but I don’t think people will actually take that seriously. If Les Mis wins, people will still not think it has a chance. Usually they only confirm stuff.

But anyway, they are the BAFTAs, and they are a big deal across the pond, and they are an awards show, so here are my predictions for them, the 66th BAFTA awards: (more…)

Oscars 2012 Update: BAFTA Nominations

Today, the nominations for the BAFTA awards were announced.

Let’s not waste any time and get right into them. They’re the last clue we’re gonna get as to the Oscar nominations puzzle:

Best Film


Les Misérables

Life of Pi


Zero Dark Thirty

No shock here, these are the five Best Director nominees and the expected five Best Picture locks. Curious to see if they go Les Mis or not. Everything’s pointing toward Lincoln this year.

More nominees after the jump: (more…)

Oscars 2011 Update: BAFTA Nominations

Oh boy, more awards!

I love BAFTA. They not only manage to hit most of the Oscar stuff every year, they also manage to be undeniably British every time. They will, without question or hesitation, vote for a British film or actor over the film or actor that is guaranteed to win Best Picture or Best Actor or whatever. On top of their “Best British Film” category. It’s amazing. In a way, that’s what they should be. Like, if you were the NAACP, I’d expect you to give your Best Film Award to something like Precious. You should. That’s why I love BAFTA.

Anyway, they announced their nominations today, and I haven’t even looked at them yet. I just saw that they were out and immediately came and wrote this introduction. We’re going to find out what the nominees are together: (more…)