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2018: BAFTA Awards

All right. BAFTAs just got given out. This is the last major puzzle we have left for the Oscars. There are still five guilds left to announce. One of them is pretty important, two of them I can use but probably don’t need, one I definitely don’t need because the winner is obvious and the fifth is irrelevant. This is the one where the winners are gonna influence how I see certain races playing out.

I’ve got nothing else in the way of an introduction. So let’s just see how they voted.

Here are your 2018 BAFTA winners: (more…)

Oscars 2018: BAFTA Nominations

BAFTA announced today. Finally the last major piece of the puzzle for Oscar nominations. This will give us everything we’re gonna get, save some more guilds, which are only for the technical stuff. All the big stuff, we now have everything we’re gonna get.

BAFTA is always good in showing you which films and performances have sneaky support that may not be represented in the American precursors. You can always guess two or three extra nominees based solely on the British support. And the other reason they’re good — they don’t fall into the trap of the mainstream. I can tell you right now, sight unseen, that they nominated Black Panther for two or less awards. Because I feel like BAFTA, more than anything now, values quality over popularity. (Though they do often fall into the trap of “British nominee over other choices.” Nobody’s perfect.) But, as that last sentence suggests, I don’t know what the nominees are yet. I like to find out as I write them up, so my reactions are pure.

So here are your BAFTA nominees for 2018: (more…)

Oscars 2017: BAFTA Awards

The BAFTA Awards were just announced. This is the last major awards show before the Oscars, and typically what you get when they announce is a sense of “okay, this is what’s locked, and this is what’s gonna be open ended on Oscar night.” A few guilds still have to announce, but by and large, we have a sense of the majority of the categories at this moment.

We still have MPSE tonight, which we don’t necessarily need, CDG on Tuesday, which we don’t need at all, and CAS next weekend, which is helpful but I think we have a good sense of that category too.

I don’t have much else, so let’s just get into who won and what it means: (more…)

Oscars 2017: BAFTA Nominations

The BAFTA nominees were announced this morning. I actually watched the announcement of the categories live, but was not in a place to write up my thoughts at the time. So I’ve been sitting on this for almost a day until I could write this up.

BAFTA’s a big deal. This can usually tell you which movies aren’t as liked as you’d think, and which movies have sneaky support. The winners are generally more important than that nominees, but I always like seeing which way BAFTA goes.

Especially since they’re the only voting body that will have Paddington 2 nominated multiple times, including in an acting category!

Here are your BAFTA nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2016: BAFTA Awards

The BAFTAs were just announced. Guess what? Shit’s locked, guys.

This is the last major voting body we’ve been waiting for. After this, it’s just WGA, CAS, CDG, MPSE and the Makeup & Hairstylists Guild. Of those, we really only are gonna get any help from CDG. The rest we can reason through with the categories.

But yeah, BAFTAs. They definitely illuminated a few things I was curious about. Let’s just get into it. Here are your winners: (more…)

Oscars 2016: BAFTA Nominations

BAFTA nominations time. This is where we see cultural divides — which films do well with Americans but not with the Brits, and get an idea of what those surprise acting nominees are gonna be.

Generally they’re pretty much in line, but you know, every little bit helps.

Here are the BAFTA nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2015: BAFTA Awards

They’ve given out the BAFTA Awards. Which means we have all the information we’re gonna get in order to pick the Oscars. There are like five guilds left to announce, but for the most part, we have everything we need and now have two weeks to mull it over.

The BAFTAs, I’ve learned, are helpful, but usually in the sense of guessing when the Academy is going to falter. Or to back up what we already know. So we’ll take this a category at a time and see where it leaves us.

Here are the results of the 69th (hooray, immaturity!) BAFTA Awards: (more…)