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The Oscar Quest: Strongest Best Director Categories

Today we’re starting a whole new section of what I’m calling my “Oscar Quest Pages.” Since this whole thing is drawing to a close soon (seriously, almost five months to the day from now, it will be completely finished), I wanted to make some lists for stuff, to give people some resources for actually seeing the movies in question. It’s one thing to look up who won what year, or look at who won and was nominated based on all those giant lists I have, but when it comes to actually finding movies to watch, I wanted to provide as much pseudo-analysis and suggestions as possible.

This doesn’t so much have to do with movies to watch as much as it does analysis of the Quest itself. I wanted to see which years were the absolute best and worst in the history of the Oscars. Some years (like the one we’re in) just feel weak. Others feel insanely strong (like many of the ones in the 70s, which you’ll see are a recurring theme at the top of most of these lists).

So, starting today, I’m going to single out what I think are the best years for each of the individual Oscar categories. Today, I’ll be listing the strongest and weakest Best Director categories of all time. And I’ll work through the rest of the categories over the next few days. Keep in mind, these are only the categories. Just the sets of nominees. We won’t be concerning ourselves with what won, just — how strong was the list of nominees? (more…)