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The Oscar Quest: Weakest Best Director Categories

Earlier today, we took a look at the Strongest Best Director categories of all time. Now, it’s time to flip the coin and take a look at the weakest.

Some years you can just tell. It just feels weak. Of course, the pitfalls with a list of the “weakest” anything are numerous. The big one is when the list is filled with several terrific individual efforts. Sometimes there two or even three great single efforts on a set of nominees, but because of circumstances (that person already had a couple of Oscars, or they were never going to win (David Lynch), or the film was too on the nose, or that effort was a shadow of that person’s previous/later work), it doesn’t really help make the category any stronger. When looking at who to vote for (and taking into account Oscar history — because you have to, as much as you don’t want to. Because even if you don’t, they do. You have to navigate through the waters), you’ll find that these years actually are really, really terrible.

Again, as I said with the list of Strongest categories — don’t go so much by individual rankings as much as the fact that the category is on the list. Think of it as these 10 (and extra 5) as being what I consider the worst (I think we can all agree these belong here), and then the rankings as my personal preference as to how I’d rank them after we’ve established that they’re weak.

All right, now let’s look at all these pieces of shit: (more…)