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Ranking the Bond Action Sequences

Oh man, it’s the action sequences. Are you excited? Well you should be, because you’re about to relive many of the best moments of the franchise right now.

Action sequences are the centerpiece of this franchise. And there are a lot of them. The hard part was trying to figure out which ones to list. Originally I was just gonna list 50, but soon realized, “Fuck that, let’s make it 100. There are so many good ones.”

But then I didn’t want to structure it the same way as everything else. That’s not as interesting. So I figured — let’s do it this way — instead of me listing my favorites and TokyoRemix commenting and then listing his list, I figured we’ll just have one list. Since there are so many action sequences, the specific rankings don’t really matter, as long as we all agree they belong in the general area. So TokyoRemix and I both came up with a list that we felt generally put all the action sequences in a place where we both felt they should go. Then, what we did was — we each took half the list. We alternated talking about the sequences. TokyoRemix is doing all the odd numbers, and I’m doing all the even numbers. So I’ll talk about a sequence, then he’ll talk about one, and so on and so forth. That’s how numbers work.

So get ready — it’s pretty great. This is gonna be the best of the supplementary Bond articles, and a great way to lead into tomorrow’s final article (which of course is gonna be the Bond cars). (more…)