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The Box Office Report – January 25-27

Last week, in Box Office…

Mama won the weekend with $28.4 million. America ceases to surprise me.

Zero Dark Thirty finished second with $15.8 million. Solid, Oscar hold.

Silver Linings Playbook finished third with $10.8 million. Good for them.

Gangster Squad was fourth with $8.6 million. Two weeks, half their budget. The push hurt them.

Broken City opened to a weak fifth and $8.3 million. Not good.

A Haunted House finished sixth with $8.2 million. $30 million after two weeks, $2.5 million budget. Damn.

Django Unchained was seventh with $7.8 million. Making money, making money. (more…)

The Box Office Report – January 18-20

Last week, in Box Office…

I honestly don’t even know what happened. That’s messed up. I didn’t even check.

Zero Dark Thirty won the weekend with $24.4 million. It only had like $5 million before this weekend, so — it made some money.

A Haunted House opened to $18 million, which I’m pretty sure I said it would. I know America is stupid. This should come as a surprise to nobody.

Gangster Squad opened to a decent $17 million opening. One would have hoped for better, but — shit happens. The reviews didn’t help.

Django Unchained — $11 million. It’s Quentin’s highest grossing movie of his career. Les Misérables — $9.6 million. They’ve doubled their budget. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey — $9.2 million. They’re gonna fall just shy of $300 million domestically. Lincoln — $6.3 million. $150 million there for them. Parental Guidance — $6.1 million. They’re in profit. Texas Chainsaw 3D — $5.3 million — $30 million after two weeks. It fell 76%. I’m sure they made it for like, $3.50 though, so it’s okay. Silver Linings Playbook — $5 million. They’ve doubled their budget. (more…)

The Box Office Report – January 11-13

Last week, in Box Office…

Yawn. Texas Chainsaw 3D won the weekend with $21.7 million. Did anybody care? Doesn’t seem that way. Nobody goes to movies in January. Maybe to see some Oscar nominees, but that’s about it. This’ll be brief.

Django Unchained finished second with $20 million. It’s already made its budget back after two weekends (and almost three weeks), so it’s doing all right.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was third with $17.5 million. $260 million domestically so far. That’s probably close to its budget (you know they dropped like $500 mil on the entire thing. You know they did).

Les Misérables finished fourth with $16 million. It has made $100 million so far. Doing really well.

Parental Guidance was fifth with $9.7 million. It doubled its budget theatrically, so good for them.

Jack Reacher was sixth with $9.2 million. It made its budget back, but its far from a huge hit. Solid, though.

This Is 40 was seventh with $8.4 million ($55 million off a $35 million budget), Lincoln was eighth with $5.4 million (closing in on $150 million now) and nothing else made $5 million. (more…)

The Box Office Report – January 4-6

Last week, in Box Office…

It was a tight one. It was very exciting. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey won the weekend with $31.9 million. Which is not surprising. They’ve made $221 million domestically after three weeks. But…

Django Unchained was right on its heels, with a $30 million opening. Fucking right, it was. They’ve made $63 million here from Christmas through Sunday. That’s more than half its budget. Damn.

Les Misérables opened to third place and a really solid $27.3 million opening. It has made $66.7 million from Christmas to Sunday, which is more than its budget. So I’m so fucking happy about that. I loved both of these movies.

Parental Guidance, meanwhile, opened to $14.6 million. Which — whatever. They’ve made $30 million from Christmas through Sunday, which is more than its budget. Good for them.

Then Jack Reacher made $13.6 million in fifth place. It has made $44.2 million after two weeks. The budget was only $60 million, so they’re looking good here.

This Is 40 made $12.5 million in sixth place, and has made its budget back. Solid.

Lincoln made another $7.3 million and has doubled its budget. Damn. (more…)

The Box Office Report – December 28-30

Last week, in Box Office…

While we don’t have complete totals (some studios aren’t announcing what the films actually made until just into the new year), we know that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was the one that scorched the sky. Or something like that. it made $36.9 million and has made $150 million after two weekends domestically. God only knows what the budget on that was.

Jack Reacher opened to $15.6 million. Which makes sense. I bet they were hoping for more. But that’s what was expected.

This Is 40 opened to $11.6 million and third place. Meh.

Rise of the Guardians was fourth, with $5.9 million. Lincoln was fifth, with $5.5 million. The Guilt Trip was sixth with $5.4 million. Monsters, Inc. opened to seventh and $4.8 million. Oh, and Skyfall made $4.7 million in eighth place. It’s really close to overtaking Twilight‘s domestic total. (more…)

The Box Office Report – December 14-16

Last week, in Box Office…

Skyfall, through sheer great holds, won the weekend in its fifth weekend, despite not winning it weekends 2, 3 and 4. It made $10.8 million and actually has made $7 million less than Twilight in its domestic run and more money internationally. I’m so proud of this film. They deserve every single bit of acclaim they’re getting.

Rise of the Guardians finished second. $10.4 million. That surprised me a little bit, but not really. What surprises me about this film is how they’ve only made $60 million so far. Strange.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 made $9.2 million in third place. One more weekend and we’re done with this franchise forever. (Forever in Hollywood means up to five years.)

Lincoln finished fourth with $8.9 million. They’re about to hit $100 million. I’m so fucking happy for them. Who thought this would actually happen? I knew this would make money, but $100 million is terrific.

Life of Pi made $8.3 million in fifth place. They’re slowly chugging along here.

Playing for Keeps opened to sixth place — ha ha — and $5.8 million. I already used my second sentence in the first one. (more…)

The Box Office Report – December 7-9

Last week, in Box Office…

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 won the weekend again, not surprisingly, with $17.4 million. 60% drop. Not surprising. Standard business for this franchise.

Skyfall finished second with $16.6 million. At this rate, this will probably make more money than Twilight this weekend. (Also, here’s something fun: Even though they’ve had an extra week, Skyfall has only made $10 million less than Twilight. Which is fucking crazy. I’m so happy for this movie.)

Rise of the Guardians finished third and made $13.4 million. That’s a 44% drop, and is all right. Problem is, the movie hasn’t made as much money as they wanted it too. Oh well.

Lincoln finished fourth and made $13.4 million. Good for them. $84 million here, so far.

Life of Pi finished fifth, with $12.2 million. They’re not gonna make their budget back, but the class factor counts for a lot.

Wreck-It Ralph finished sixth, with $6.9 million. They’ll make their budget back here, domestically. Good for them. (more…)

The Box Office Report – November 30-December 2

Last week, in Box Office…

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 won the weekend, to no one’s surprise. It made $43.6 million over the weekend and $64.4 million Wednesday-Sunday. They’ve made $230 million after two weekends. Yawn.

Skyfall (fuck yeah, Skyfall!) finished second, making $35.5 million over the weekend and $50.5 million Wednesday-Sunday. They’ve made $220 million after three weekends. (Yes! I love when a Bond film makes a domestic profit.)

Lincoln finished third (I’m so proud of this film. This movie is so talky that I assumed America wouldn’t give a shit. I’m so happy they’re going to see it), making $25.7 million over the weekend and $34.8 million Wednesday-Sunday. They’ve almost made their $65 million budget back domestically and will probably end up in profit on this. Good for them.

Rise of the Guardians opened to fourth, which has to be considered a disappointment, and $23.8 million for the weekend and $32.3 million Wednesday-Sunday. Decent, but I bet they were expecting more. (more…)

The Box Office Report – November 23-25

Last week, in Box Office…

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 made a shit ton of money, to nobody’s surprise. $141.1 million. Right in line with expectations. Moving on.

Skyfall fell 53.5%, which is pretty good, to second place. It made another $41.1 million. Of a $200 million budget, they’ve made $160 million domestically and about $500 million more worldwide. I think they’re doing pretty well here.

Lincoln, in expanding to about 1,800 theaters, made — holy shit — $21.1 million. All right. Go Spielberg. Good for you. I didn’t think America would give a shit about this, but I was wrong. And for that, I’m happy.

Wreck-It Ralph fell about 44% and made $18.6 million in third place. This has made $120 million after three weeks, domestically. Good for them. I’m excited to see it.

Flight fell to fourth place and $8.8 million. Which is right around where it was expected to fall. They’ve made double their budget on this one, so that’s good.

Nothing else made above $4 million. (more…)

The Box Office Report – November 16-18

Last week, in Box Office…

Skyfall. Oh man oh man oh man, Skyfall. It made $88.4 million domestically, on top of the $569 million it has internationally so far, and is just making me insanely happy and almost making me forget all the bad shit the country goes to see for most of the year.

Wreck-It Ralph finished second, only dropping bout 33% and making $33 million. They’re at almost $100 million after two weeks and are looking real good here so far.

Flight held really well too. Only a 40% drop, and $14.8 million in third place. Man, I love November and December. Quality shit makes money.

Argo finished fourth and made $6.6 million. It’s still making money. Almost $86 million for them as of Monday. They probably won’t crack $100 million, but they’ve already doubled their budget, so good for them.

Nothing else made $5 million (only Taken 2 scratched the $4 million threshold… barely). Which means we move on to bigger (and not necessarily better) things… (more…)

The Box Office Report – November 9-11


I’m sorry, I have to pretend to give a shit about what happened last week. Let’s get that out of the way first.

Last week, in Box Office…

Wreck-it Ralph riggity wrecked the competition with $49 million. I expected this. And I hear it’s great, so, good for them. More power to them. I need to see this.

Flight opened to a really strong $24.9 million. I hear this is great too, so, good for them. Wanna see this too.

Argo held really well and made $10.2 million They’ve made $76 million here, and Affleck has a real nice hit streak going at the box office. It was also really solid. So that’s good.

The Man with the Iron Fists opened to $7.9 million, which is not surprising at all. This is a DVD movie. People will see this on DVD and VOD. Plus they only spent $15 million to make it, so I wouldn’t be too worried about its future. This will be a cult film soon enough. (more…)

The Box Office Report – November 2-4

Last week, in Box Office…

Argo wins the weekend (yes) by holding to only a 26.5% drop and making $12.1 million. That’s great for the film, they’ve made about $61 million so far, only, the biggest thing it winning said was about the other films.

Cloud Atlas opened to a weak second place and only $9.6 million. This was about what I expected, though slightly lower than I’d hoped. I figured $10-11 million. But it got off light compared to the other releases. (Though not really, since this was the only new release with a $100 million budget.)

Hotel Transylvania fell 27% and made $9.4 million in third place. They’ve made $130 million on this one.

Paranormal Activity 4 — ouch — fell 70% into fourth place and made $8.5 million. Still, they’ve made 8x their budget back in theaters after two weeks. I think they’ll be fine.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D — remember when people were saying this was gonna win the weekend? — made $8 million and opened to a weak fifth place. That makes sense to me. I didn’t buy that people were magically gonna go see this just because it was a wide release on Halloween. Unless it’s the summer, people need a reason to go to the movies. This is not it. (more…)

The Box Office Report – October 26-28

Last week, in Box Office…

I completely forgot about this article. I’m totally tuned out to whatever’s out until Skyfall. It’s really bad.

Paranormal Activity 4 opened to $29 million. That’s encouraging. They had to have expected 35-40, right? So I’m happy. They only spend $5 million on these movies anyway, so it’s not like they’re hurting for profit.

Argo, on the other hand, dropped only — wait for it — 15.5%! — and made $16.4 million. They’ve made their budget back on this one in theaters, and I couldn’t be happier. (Still haven’t seen it yet, though.)

Taken 2 dropped 40% and made another $13 million, which makes sense. They’ve made $100 million here off a $45 million budget, so good for them.

Hotel Transylvania made an even $13 million for the weekend. 25% drop. They’ve made $118 million here as of Monday, and honestly, good for them. The film wasn’t terrible, even though it wasn’t particularly great. (Too much of that modern animation bullshit. Pop culture references that won’t hold up past 2013.)

Alex Cross only opened to $11.4 million, which is a shame. But I haven’t seen it yet, so maybe it’s terrible. But they only spent $35 million on it, so maybe they’ll pull out a profit on it. I root for these movies that have smaller budgets, even if they end up not being very good. (more…)

The Box Office Report – October 19-21

Last week, in Box Office…

Taken 2 wins the weekend again, to nobody’s surprise,  with $21.9 million. This was a 56% drop, which seems exactly in line with what normally happens with these movies.

Argo opened to $19.5 million, which is pretty strong, even though I’d have really liked to have seen a 2 in front of the number. So good for them. Here’s hoping it holds well.

Sinister opened to a pretty strong $18 million, and honestly, I don’t feel bad about that. Good for them.

Hotel Transylvania dropped 36% and made another $17.2 million. They just crossed $100 million.

Here Comes the Boom opened to — ready? — $11.8 million. (Slightly more than Rod Tidwell.) I’m so happy this didn’t make a lot of money. Now I can only dislike it because it’s a bad movie.

Pitch Perfect made $9.3 million. They’ve more than doubled their budget, so good for them.

Frankenweenie made $7.1 million. They’re actually doing okay with this one. (more…)

The Box Office Report – October 12-14

Last week, in Box Office…

Taken 2 wins the weekend with $49.5 million, to absolutely no one’s surprise. Honestly, even though I’m certain the film isn’t very good, I’m glad for them. At least they’re trying.

Hotel Transylvania only dropped 36%, which is slightly better than a standard kids movie dropped, and made $27.1 million in second place. Whatever.

Pitch Perfect made $14.8 million in third place, after expanding into a wide release. This feels like a movie that people are going to love obscenely and overrate the fuck out of, and I’m going to come out of it going, “Well that was pretty average,” and then have to dislike because people are stupid.

Looper held really well, making me very happy, and made $12.1 million in fourth place. They’ve made $40 million here after two weeks, and I can only hope it makes more.

Frankenweenie opened to $11.4 million. I am not surprised at all about this. (more…)

The Box Office Report – October 5-7

Last week, in Box Office…

Hotel Transylvania was expected to make around $23 million. It made $42.5 million. (Kids.)

Looper opened pretty strong in second place with $20.8 million. This makes the previous sentence okay.

End of Watch finished third with $7.8 million, Trouble with the Curve was fourth with $7.3 million, House at the End of the Street was fifth with $7.1 million, and Pitch Perfect was sixth with $5.1 million. Looper did better than expected and Transylvania broke some records, because kids movies always make money.

New releases…

Taken 2. This film is going to be a perfect example of a sequel. Like Hangover 2. It won’t be anywhere near as good as the first one (and the first one here wasn’t particularly good anyway), yet it’ll make ridiculous amounts of money. Estimates on this for the weekend are in the upper $30 million range. that’s ridiculous.

Frankenweenie is also opening and will be lucky to make $16 million.

Holdovers… Hotel Transylvania will finish second and will probably make what people figured it would make last week… around $25 million. Pitch Perfect is expanding, and most people figure it’ll get low to mid teens. (Pun.) Like $13-14 million. Looper‘s looking at $12-13 million. Everything else will be lucky to hit $5 million.

Guess who really doesn’t care about the Box Office at all right now and only cares about when the good Oscar-quality movies are coming out?

The Box Office Report – September 28-30

Last week, in Box Office…

End of Watch actually won the weekend. Wait, really? Shows how little attention I was paying the Box Office since last Thursday. I actually didn’t even realize this article was supposed to go up until the last minute.

So it made $13.2 million, which isn’t really winning the weekend. But honestly, the amount of promotion I saw for it the past month or so, it makes sense. I remember seeing a giant billboard for it on Melrose (and also on Sunset, I think) and was like, “Damn. I thought that didn’t even have a release date like, four months ago.” They pushed pretty hard for it, all things considered. So I guess it makes sense. But on the other hand — $13.2 million isn’t anything to write home about for a #1 finish.

House at the End of the Street finished second with $12.3 million. This was not unexpected at all, and is exactly within the range of these movies. (more…)

The Box Office Report – September 21-23

Last week, in Box Office…

Resident Evil: Retribution won the weekend, to absolutely no one’s surprise. It was actually the best movie in the series since the first one. It made $21.1 million, which is in line with the franchise.

Finding Nemo (3D) — like I fucking said! — didn’t win the weekend. It only made $16.7 million. I knew this shit wasn’t cracking the upper $20 million range.

The Possession finished in third, with $5.8 million. It’s already made way too much money, so this is the last you’ll be hearing about this in one of these articles.

Lawless — jesus — didn’t even make $5 million. $4.3 million.

I love how bad the box office has been. It’s hilarious. (more…)

The Box Office Report – September 14-16

Last week, in Box Office…

Are they still putting out movies? I totally tuned out. I have no idea what even came out last week. I hope it was good.

The Possession (fuck!) wins the weekend with $9.3 million. This actually won the box office three weeks in a row. One: fuck you, America. Two: if we have to deal with more of these god-awful shitty exorcism whatever the fuck movies, I’m blaming all you motherfuckers.

Lawless made $6 million in second place, one again proving my point that America is fucking stupid.

Expendables 2 made $5 million and nothing else did. So on the one hand, good. On the other hand, your tastes suck, America. (more…)

The Box Office Report – September 7-9

Last week, in Box Office…

Fuck you, America.

The Possession? Really?

And people wonder why I have no respect for Americans.

It made $17.7 million over the weekend and $21.1 million over the four-day weekend. Jesus.

Lawless finished second with $10 million over the weekend and $12.9 million including Monday. Seriously, what the fuck, America? (more…)

The Box Office Report – August 31-September 2

Last week, in Box Office…

Man, did that weekend suck.

The Expendables 2 wins the weekend (I hate that sequels don’t use Roman numerals anymore. It just reminds me of how dumb society has gotten) after dropping more than 50% to $13.4 million. They’ve made $50 million after two weekends with this, off a $100 million budget. Doesn’t look they’re gonna make that back domestically. And I saw the film. Meh. They’ll make it back internationally.

The Bourne Legacyin its third weekend, makes $9.3 million. They’re up to $85 million off a $125 million budget. I do not feel bad about this.

ParaNorman held well in its second weekend. $8.6 million. Though they’ve only made $28 million here, which is a shame, since I heard they spent around $80 million to make this. It seems too good, craft-wise, to have only made such a little amount. (more…)

The Box Office Report – August 24-26

Last week, in Box Office…

The Expendables 2 wins like everyone was expecting, but with not as big a figure as — well, not everyone, mostly me — was expecting. I thought it would at least do $35 million, but instead it only made $28.6 million. I wonder why people didn’t show up to this one as they did the first one. I guess because the first one was a breath of fresh air and this one was just a sequel? No idea. I haven’t even seen a full trailer for this, so I have no idea if it’s even fun or not. I still need to watch it. I assume it’s decent. I guess it’s just that people aren’t going to movies anymore because most of them suck. And if that’s the reason — hey, can’t fault anyone for that.

The Bourne Legacy finished second, dropping an as-expected 55% to $17.1 million. That was exactly what expectations were, and it did not disappoint. They’ve made $70 million after two weekends, which I’m guessing will leave this becoming a disappointment, domestically.

ParaNorman opened to third place and $14.1 million. This also feels exactly in line with expectations. I guess I don’t really have anything more to add to that. Picture me shrugging right now. (more…)

The Box Office Report – August 17-19

Last week, in Box Office…

The Bourne Legacy exceeded most people’s expectations (but not as much as was initially reported) and made $38.1 million. The early estimates were $30-35 million, so it did slightly better than the higher end of expectations, but the initial Friday numbers were like, $45 million. I’m happier with this number. It feels right. I hear it’s pretty good, and since there’s no single reason why people don’t like it that I’ve heard from those who don’t like it (and most of the ones I’ve heard are stupid at that), so I’m hoping I really enjoy it.

The Campaign opened to $26.6 million. Second place. I’ll talk about this once I see it.

The Dark Knight Rises dropped to third, and pulled in another $19 million. They’ll hit $400 million on this by next weekend. Good for them.

Hope Springs opened to $14.7 million, which is to be expected out of the film, and actually pretty strong, all things considered. It also made $19 million from Wednesday, so to me, they’re doing really well so far.

Total Recall, on the other hand (which I saw and really enjoyed. I don’t know what most of you fuckers were expecting, but I thought it was well worth my time), dropped almost 70% in its second weekend, making $8 million and only $44 million after two weeks. It cost $125 million (and lord knows how much to market), so — ouch. (more…)

The Box Office Report – August 10-12

Last week, in Box Office…

The Dark Knight Rises, in its third weekend, wins again. Not surprising. It only dropped 42%, and made another $35.7 million. As of Monday, it was at $354 million domestically. I’m guessing it’ll finish at around $400 million and change when all is said and done.

Total Recall opened to a disappointing (for the studio. I think it’s pretty good, all things considered) $25.6 million. They needed more, since they spent $125 million to make the film, and lord knows how much to market it. But I saw this coming from January. There was really no other way this was gonna go, except worse. So I think they did all right.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days opened to $14.6 million, which — I wonder if it’s because of the summer, or because kids have stopped caring about this franchise. The last two opened in February/March and did $20 million openings. I guess it’s because it’s the summer? Still, they don’t spend much on these, so it’s all great for them. (more…)