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The Box Office Report – January 25-27

Last week, in Box Office…

Mama won the weekend with $28.4 million. America ceases to surprise me.

Zero Dark Thirty finished second with $15.8 million. Solid, Oscar hold.

Silver Linings Playbook finished third with $10.8 million. Good for them.

Gangster Squad was fourth with $8.6 million. Two weeks, half their budget. The push hurt them.

Broken City opened to a weak fifth and $8.3 million. Not good.

A Haunted House finished sixth with $8.2 million. $30 million after two weeks, $2.5 million budget. Damn.

Django Unchained was seventh with $7.8 million. Making money, making money. (more…)

The Box Office Report – January 18-20

Last week, in Box Office…

I honestly don’t even know what happened. That’s messed up. I didn’t even check.

Zero Dark Thirty won the weekend with $24.4 million. It only had like $5 million before this weekend, so — it made some money.

A Haunted House opened to $18 million, which I’m pretty sure I said it would. I know America is stupid. This should come as a surprise to nobody.

Gangster Squad opened to a decent $17 million opening. One would have hoped for better, but — shit happens. The reviews didn’t help.

Django Unchained — $11 million. It’s Quentin’s highest grossing movie of his career. Les Misérables — $9.6 million. They’ve doubled their budget. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey — $9.2 million. They’re gonna fall just shy of $300 million domestically. Lincoln — $6.3 million. $150 million there for them. Parental Guidance — $6.1 million. They’re in profit. Texas Chainsaw 3D — $5.3 million — $30 million after two weeks. It fell 76%. I’m sure they made it for like, $3.50 though, so it’s okay. Silver Linings Playbook — $5 million. They’ve doubled their budget. (more…)

The Box Office Report – January 11-13

Last week, in Box Office…

Yawn. Texas Chainsaw 3D won the weekend with $21.7 million. Did anybody care? Doesn’t seem that way. Nobody goes to movies in January. Maybe to see some Oscar nominees, but that’s about it. This’ll be brief.

Django Unchained finished second with $20 million. It’s already made its budget back after two weekends (and almost three weeks), so it’s doing all right.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was third with $17.5 million. $260 million domestically so far. That’s probably close to its budget (you know they dropped like $500 mil on the entire thing. You know they did).

Les Misérables finished fourth with $16 million. It has made $100 million so far. Doing really well.

Parental Guidance was fifth with $9.7 million. It doubled its budget theatrically, so good for them.

Jack Reacher was sixth with $9.2 million. It made its budget back, but its far from a huge hit. Solid, though.

This Is 40 was seventh with $8.4 million ($55 million off a $35 million budget), Lincoln was eighth with $5.4 million (closing in on $150 million now) and nothing else made $5 million. (more…)

The Box Office Report – January 4-6

Last week, in Box Office…

It was a tight one. It was very exciting. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey won the weekend with $31.9 million. Which is not surprising. They’ve made $221 million domestically after three weeks. But…

Django Unchained was right on its heels, with a $30 million opening. Fucking right, it was. They’ve made $63 million here from Christmas through Sunday. That’s more than half its budget. Damn.

Les Misérables opened to third place and a really solid $27.3 million opening. It has made $66.7 million from Christmas to Sunday, which is more than its budget. So I’m so fucking happy about that. I loved both of these movies.

Parental Guidance, meanwhile, opened to $14.6 million. Which — whatever. They’ve made $30 million from Christmas through Sunday, which is more than its budget. Good for them.

Then Jack Reacher made $13.6 million in fifth place. It has made $44.2 million after two weeks. The budget was only $60 million, so they’re looking good here.

This Is 40 made $12.5 million in sixth place, and has made its budget back. Solid.

Lincoln made another $7.3 million and has doubled its budget. Damn. (more…)

The Box Office Report – December 28-30

Last week, in Box Office…

While we don’t have complete totals (some studios aren’t announcing what the films actually made until just into the new year), we know that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was the one that scorched the sky. Or something like that. it made $36.9 million and has made $150 million after two weekends domestically. God only knows what the budget on that was.

Jack Reacher opened to $15.6 million. Which makes sense. I bet they were hoping for more. But that’s what was expected.

This Is 40 opened to $11.6 million and third place. Meh.

Rise of the Guardians was fourth, with $5.9 million. Lincoln was fifth, with $5.5 million. The Guilt Trip was sixth with $5.4 million. Monsters, Inc. opened to seventh and $4.8 million. Oh, and Skyfall made $4.7 million in eighth place. It’s really close to overtaking Twilight‘s domestic total. (more…)

The Box Office Report – December 14-16

Last week, in Box Office…

Skyfall, through sheer great holds, won the weekend in its fifth weekend, despite not winning it weekends 2, 3 and 4. It made $10.8 million and actually has made $7 million less than Twilight in its domestic run and more money internationally. I’m so proud of this film. They deserve every single bit of acclaim they’re getting.

Rise of the Guardians finished second. $10.4 million. That surprised me a little bit, but not really. What surprises me about this film is how they’ve only made $60 million so far. Strange.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 made $9.2 million in third place. One more weekend and we’re done with this franchise forever. (Forever in Hollywood means up to five years.)

Lincoln finished fourth with $8.9 million. They’re about to hit $100 million. I’m so fucking happy for them. Who thought this would actually happen? I knew this would make money, but $100 million is terrific.

Life of Pi made $8.3 million in fifth place. They’re slowly chugging along here.

Playing for Keeps opened to sixth place — ha ha — and $5.8 million. I already used my second sentence in the first one. (more…)

The Box Office Report – December 7-9

Last week, in Box Office…

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 won the weekend again, not surprisingly, with $17.4 million. 60% drop. Not surprising. Standard business for this franchise.

Skyfall finished second with $16.6 million. At this rate, this will probably make more money than Twilight this weekend. (Also, here’s something fun: Even though they’ve had an extra week, Skyfall has only made $10 million less than Twilight. Which is fucking crazy. I’m so happy for this movie.)

Rise of the Guardians finished third and made $13.4 million. That’s a 44% drop, and is all right. Problem is, the movie hasn’t made as much money as they wanted it too. Oh well.

Lincoln finished fourth and made $13.4 million. Good for them. $84 million here, so far.

Life of Pi finished fifth, with $12.2 million. They’re not gonna make their budget back, but the class factor counts for a lot.

Wreck-It Ralph finished sixth, with $6.9 million. They’ll make their budget back here, domestically. Good for them. (more…)