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Oscars 2016: CAS Nominations

Our next shortlist today is the one that’s easiest for me to deal with. Cinema Audio Society. AKA Sound Mixing. We all love us some sound mixing, don’t we?

Quick, what’s the difference between sound editing and sound mixing? Yeah, I know. That’s like when people ask you if you think their baby is cute. And you have to on the spot try not to look like an idiot because you think the baby looks like a garden gnome in a onesie.

Sound mixing is the entire sound design of the film. We’ll deal with sound editing when we get to it. Basically all you need to know this year for sound mixing — this is the one that includes musicals. Which means that La La Land ain’t gonna lose.

Here are your CAS nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2013 Update: CAS Nominations

And here’s your second shortlist of the day: The Cinema Audio Society.

That’s Sound Mixing, for those of you who don’t know.

Sound Editing is basically compiling all the different sounds, and making all the sounds that will be in the sound mix, and sound mixing is basically putting everything into what you hear when you watch the movie. So it’s basically mixing everything together, making certain things more noticeable than others, putting things in different channels (like when you hear the revving of a car in the rear speakers, but in the front you hear other effects and music and such), and putting the music and dialogue over everything. The real easy way to differentiate: Last year, Les Mis won for Mixing, and Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty tied (remember that?) for Editing.

So here are your Cinema Audio Society nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2012 Update: VFX (Visual Effects) Society Nominations and CAS (Cinema Audio Society) Nominations Announced

Two more guilds have announced their nominations, making tomorrow’s guesses at what’s going to be nominated a little bit easier.

The only groups left to announce their nominations are BAFTA (which is tomorrow), ACE (American Cinema Editors, which apparently announce on Thursday, but they were supposed to announce CAS then too, so…), MPSE (Motion Picture Sound Editors, which will announce at some point in the next week) and the Costume Designers Guild, which announces next Thursday. Which is pretty good. This helps us on most of the categories for Thursday.

So let’s get started with the Visual Effects Society Nominees: (more…)