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Oscars 2021: Makeup & Hairstylist Guild Nominations

It’s gonna be an Oscar-heavy day around here. SAG Awards are getting announced soon, plus BAFTA announced their longlists in every category. So you’re gonna see me talking about all of this stuff throughout the day. And man… I am excited as shit to go into it all. (If any of you were at all concerned that you may never hear from me again once this site is retired, know that I practically audibly squealed with joy when I realized how much I had to talk about. I’m pretty sure I won’t really be going anywhere.)

Anywho, we’ll start with Makeup & Hairstyling. We’ve already got the shortlist, so this is really just gonna be about which ones make the most categories and how it cross lists with BFCA and BAFTA.

But, before we get into all of that, here’s your shortlist:

Coming 2 America
The Eyes of Tammy Faye
House of Gucci
Nightmare Alley
No Time to Die
The Suicide Squad
West Side Story