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Oscars 2021: BFCA Nominations

Okay, so we had the Globes nominations before, now it’s BFCA. This is the Critics Choice, so while you’ll still see a lot of the same stuff, you’ll definitely start to see which of the nominees are ones the Globes only picked because they wanted the stars to be there. The critics are usually unified on what they’ve decided is ‘good’ and ‘not good’. But they also control those narratives, so you’ll also see a couple of performances they’ve championed in smaller films make it on, which will make it on nowhere else. That’s how this goes.

But, overall, BFCA is usually a good barometer of where the discussion is going, so it’s gonna help solidify a lot of the stuff you’ve seen already while also adding in some of the stuff the Globes ignored as we look forward to the remaining major trickle-down precursors (BAFTA, SAG, PGA).

So let’s see what BFCA has brought us this year: (more…)