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Mike’s Top Tens of the Decade (1990-1999)

Three months ago, I posted my Top Tens of the Decade. It was meant to be a list of the films I liked best over the past decade (that decade being 2000-2009. I also included 2010 because it was recent and because, I want to see how much it changes by the time it goes on the list it’s supposed to be on, Top Tens of Decade, 2010-2019). You can read my motivation for such a list in the link up there.

After I posted it, I thought (as I often do), “Wouldn’t it be interesting if I was able to make a list like that for every decade, going back to the creation of film?” And, being the narcissist I am, I also thought, “I should make one for other decades too, so people can see which films I like best, and then watch them.” Now, I don’t know how far back I’ll be able to go (might have some trouble in the 1920s, 10s and 00s), but I do know, being born in 1988, I certainly can do one for the 90s easily enough. That was my decade. So that’s what I’m gonna do right now.

This will be exactly like the Top Tens of 2000-2010. The only change, or rather, the only difference between this list and that list is, there won’t be a “Terrible Ten” list of films I hated. Because I just wasn’t that kind of viewer back then. I didn’t hate films the way I do now. That decade I was between 2 & 12. I was watching shit like Blank Check. But that’s what’s interesting about it. Not what I hated — what I loved.

Since these were my formative years, what I’m doing is, instead of a “Terrible Ten”, after the standard 11-15 (to make things easier next time I revisit the list), is putting what I’m calling a “Films of My Childhood” list at the bottom. That is, at the bottom of ever year, I’ll have a list of 5 landmark Films of My Childhood. These are the films that I loved (and still do, but largely out of nostalgia) and saw as a child. Ones that, if you’re my age, you’ll go, “Oh shit, I love Rookie of the Year!” Keep in mind, this is my list of films from my childhood. There might be a handful of films you think are missing. But, those are the films to put on your Top Tens of the Decade lists. Because I love when people make lists. I’d happily read yours. I’d be positively giddy to do so. Either way, this should be a nice nostalgia trip for you. Let’s get to the Top Tens: (more…)