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Oscars 2017: 75th Golden Globe Awards

So the Golden Globes were last night. Sometimes I live blog them. This is not one of those times. I just didn’t have the energy or the desire (or the sobriety) to do it.

The show was way less fun than it’s been in previous years (though maybe it’s only been fun for me because of the drinking during it). They went long early and just kind of sped through categories to get stuff over with. Which kinda defeats the purpose of an awards show.

But yeah. The first piece of our Oscar puzzle is now in place. Two more big ones coming on Thursday with DGA and BFCA. But until then, I really only have one question — why do the Globes keep putting that microphone back into the ground during commercials only to raise it back up like, a minute later? (more…)


Oscars 2017: 75th Golden Globes Predictions

Okay, so I legit had no idea the Globes were tonight. I was expecting them to be next weekend for some reason. Even though I post a list on this website to remind me of things to prevent a situation just like this. And like the Snowman Killer, I gave myself all the clues.

Fortunately I put absolutely zero effort into these predictions every year, so this’ll be real easy.

The fun for me is watching the show, not thinking about it. I’m getting drunk and texting ridiculous shit just like everyone at the damn thing. Because we know these things don’t matter, right? The voting body shares zero similarities with the Academy, so we’re left with a marker that may or may not pan out. Usually they get a handful and miss a handful. I’m sure this will be no different.

So let’s watch me pick names out of a hat and then scoff at all the TV nominees before I start drinking: (more…)

Oscars 2017: Golden Globe Nominations

You can always count on the Globes to kick the season off with a bang. We’re here, guys. This is when it all officially begins.

Like usual, I can’t be bothered to wake up at 5am to see these happen live, so I’m finding out what was nominated as I go. Which means you get my unfiltered opinions on each of the categories as we go.

As I say every year — the Golden Globes mean very little to me, but since they do sort of set the pace for the season, they do have a modicum of importance. So let’s not take whatever’s here as scripture and more as a guideline for what might happen (and amusement, because after all, this is the most corrupt of all the voting bodies).

Here are your Globe nominees for this year: (more…)

Oscars 2016: The 74th Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globes were last night. Did anyone notice? Or was it all football and orgies for most of you?

These are the 74th Golden Globes. Which means that next year will be an anniversary. Where they will do absolutely nothing different and I will yet again hype myself up into thinking the show will be worth watching and then be bitterly disappointed in how boring it is and how it could only be fun if I were there and drinking with everyone in the room.

Anywho, I “live-blogged” the show, which basically meant I sat down and drank and made comments throughout, most of which were written down in some form. Either by me, or by someone else who told me it was funny and sent it to me in writing because I was too drunk to pay attention at that moment as I said it out loud while pouring another drink. This should make for a fun time.

Here is my recap of the Golden Globe Awards: (more…)

Oscars 2017: 74th Golden Globes Predictions

The Golden Globes are tonight.

I’ll be doing what I usually do for these — getting blasted drunk and texting everyone all the ridiculous shit I see.

I think we all realize how little stock I put into them. It’s a glorified party, and while they do try to influence the Oscars season, mostly it’s just the Hollywood Foreign Press getting every famous person they can into the same room and schmoozing with them.

But, you know, it’s a big awards show that’s become a big deal. So we talk about it. (more…)

Oscars 2016: Golden Globe Nominations

Let’s see what we got this year.

We have a nice one-two punch with the BFCAs being given out last year and the Globes coming today. This will definitely start to put the major contenders in focus.

Though I do always caution — this is the Hollywood Foreign Press. Starfuckers galore. They nominate people just so they show up. Expect a requisite Meryl nomination. Think of the people they want to hang out with — they’ll get nominated.

Here’s what they nominated this year: (more…)

Oscars 2015: 73rd Golden Globe Awards Recap

I care so little about the Golden Globes, I didn’t know they were last night until 7 hours before they aired. No joke.

My new way of making it through talking about them, when I know I put fairly little stock in what they mean, is to live blog the ceremony.

So here are my (real-time, from last night) reactions from last night’s Golden Globe Awards: (more…)