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Oscars 2020: The 78th Golden Globe Awards

Okay. Golden Globes were last night, and we got… something. I’m not exactly sure what. But we got something.

My only notes are — hilarious that in response to claims of racism, they rushed up the two Black winners to the top of the show as if that was always their plan. (I’m also totally convinced that Boyega vote was altered to make him win. Kaluuya I can buy without assuming impropriety. Boyega, not a chance that was the original vote.) And strange that every commercial is now for a streaming service instead of upcoming movies and shows.

That’s all I have. Let’s go over it.

Oscars 2020: 78th Golden Globes Predictions

I guess I don’t really need to do this article anymore, but what the hell. I’m here.

I put zero effort into Globes predictions, because they really don’t matter outside of being a potential harbinger of what’s to come and just a small piece of what’s gonna go into Oscar predictions. But, if anything, this helps me set my own expectations for what I expect them to do so I can either feel like what I think is gonna happen will happen or realign my expectations based on the new information.

So here are my completely uninformed and specious guesses as to what I think the Hollywood Foreign Press is gonna do this year: (more…)

Oscars 2020: Golden Globe Nominations

Okay, Golden Globes. Our first precursor. The train has started. It’s a one-way stop to April… what is it, 26th? I always like days like this, especially now, since I can wake up late and see a bunch of texts and know they’re about the nominations and then avoid everything and watch them cold and get my purest reactions.

So what you’re about to get are pure reactions from me literally rolling out of bed and seeing these with absolutely no forewarning whatsoever.

Here are your 2020 Golden Globe nominations: (more…)