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Mike Watches Fifty Shades of Grey

Sometimes a movie comes along that deserves a write up.

I started watching this movie back in February and pretty quickly realized I had to write it up as I watched it, otherwise there was no point. It was really the only way I was gonna get through it. I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not. But we’ll find out.

I doubt this movie will end up Unforgivable at the end of the year, because honestly, they capitalized on a cash cow. I didn’t fault Twilight for the same thing, so why would I fault this? It’s a terrible movie, sure, but I’m fine with them making all the money. So this write-up isn’t to get a jump on the Unforgivables list. It’s purely based on just me watching it and deciding to write what I’m thinking as I watch.

So here’s what happens when I watch Fifty Shades of Grey: (more…)

Mike’s Movie Reviews: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I’ve tried to avoid these as much as possible, just because, the purpose of the blog at this stage is the Oscar Quest. I’d love nothing more than to write reviews for things, but for now, I really need to get this Quest out of the way as soon as possible. Trust me, though, once that’s done, more of these will happen. The more practical reason I avoid these is because — I’ve kind of become infamous among my friends for them.

One day last summer (almost exactly a year ago), I watched The Switch. It was after midnight, and I put it on as one of those throwaway movies before bed. One of those ones that don’t require you to think. New releases are perfect for that. And, instead of the movie getting me ready to sleep, as was the plan, it made me angry. Very angry. And, as I watched it I wrote a rant about the film that was — pretty memorable. It became the basis for my Unforgivables list. But because of that list, I’ve become hesitant whenever I wanted to write up my thoughts for a film (at least, anything more than a paragraph), just because, what if it turns into something like that Switch rant? I figure, just wait, and do it in January for the Unforgivables list. But, sometimes anger finds a way. (Dr. Malcolm taught me that.)

I don’t stop writing down my thoughts on films when they come to me (that would be a waste of material), so what I do is write them down to my friends in Facebook messages, so that way I can limit the audience to a handful of people who would enjoy it most, and then in a few months, throw it up on here, because then it’s just something funny I did once that more people should see. Here, though, my rant was a little on the long side. (10 pages in Word!). It would have taken 5 Facebook messages to post. And I have the habit of being a bit verbose (in case this intro wasn’t enough of a hint), so I try not to write things that are overly long, so as to not piss off the people in that thread who already feel overwhelmed by my constant honey badgering. Which means this had to be posted here. Because I can’t sit on this for another four months. Not gonna happen. So, enjoy my complete bashing of review of Crazy, Stupid, Love., a crazy, stupid, movie.: (more…)