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2013: The Year in Reviews (December)

Every January, I go over almost the films that are scheduled to come out that year. I use Wikipedia’s year in film article as it exists at the time, and preview all the films. I look at their loglines, their casts, their directors, set photos, posters, trailers — whatever is available. I use it to familiarize myself with what’s coming out, and, most importantly, use it to guess what I’m going to think about all of the movies. I like to guess what I’m going to rate all the films because, at this point, I know myself pretty well, and I selfishly like to see how close I can guess things, up to twelve months out. Plus, it allows me to see which films at the end of the year surprised me, for better or worse. But mostly, it’s so I know what’s coming out. Sometimes I just want to know what to be excited for.

Aside from the films scheduled, I also go over films that have been finished (or are shooting), that, in all likelihood, will probably come out over the course of the year. I’ve gotten much more thorough about this since starting the blog. In 2011, I previewed January through December, plus 30 more films that didn’t have release dates. In 2012, I had 90 more. This year, I had 157 films without release dates, 52, films that were, at the time, unshot (at least one of which actually came out) and 27 holdovers from previous years. At this point, there’s not much that I miss.

How these articles work — I recap of what I said about the films in January, write up my review of the films based on the initial watch, and then I give some final thoughts about the film, after having had time to think about it some more, and finalize my ranking. Typically, I’ll have posted reviews articles throughout the year, so the Final Thoughts space is for me going, “Well, in April, I gave it 3.5 stars, but now, it’s more like 3 stars.” But this year, I spent the first nine months doing Fun with Franchises, so most of the films were watched between September and December. So, while my Final Thoughts won’t be me rethinking ratings from ten months ago, they’re still going to allow me to rethink my feelings past those from the initial watch, which, in many cases, can be misleading.

So we’re going to start with January, recap all the films that came out, month by month, through December, then I’ll recap the ones that didn’t come out (almost all of which will be somewhere in the 2014 articles that will go up next month), and at the end of it all, I’ll analyze all the numbers, see how accurate I was in guessing back in January. Then, of course, we’ll end the year with the Unforgivables list and my Top Ten list. But that’s all not for another two weeks. Right now, we’re recapping December: (more…)

2012: The Movie Year in Reviews (September-December)

Here’s the final batch of 2012 reviews. As we’re already in the middle of the end of the year articles, these reviews will (and have already, to an extent) pop up in those. Not that anyone’s really paying too much attention to what goes on with this blog.

This list is simple — it’s all the films I saw since the last article went up (by the way, here are Part I (January-April) and Part II (May-August) for reference purposes).

I’m not even going to waste your time with the list of films I haven’t seen. Those you’ll find out from the other articles. This one is mostly for housekeeping, since I’ve been keeping the reviews all along, and they’re helpful so when you look at the other ones, you can double check that I did, in fact, say what I said I said.

The only real thing I should say is — here are the films that, as of right now, haven’t come out yet/ones that came out recently that I haven’t been able to see yet. Those are: Jack Reacher, The Guilt Trip, Not Fade Away, Parental Guidance and Les Misérables. I’m gonna definitely see Les Mis on Tuesday when it comes out, and the rest I’m gonna do my damnedest to see before their article goes up, which won’t be for a few days.

Let’s not waste time, here are the reviews: (more…)

2012: The Movie Year in Reviews (May-August)

Here is my next batch of reviews for 2012, this time counting all the films I saw between May and August. Most of them are all the films released during that time, and the rest are ones from the first third of the year that I never got around to seeing or couldn’t see before the first article went up. As you’ll notice — I’ve seen pretty much everything, as I always do.

As you should know by now, the reason I do this is to write down what I thought about all of the films of 2012 while they’re still fresh in my mind, and so I can juxtapose those thoughts with what I end up thinking about them come December, after I’ve had time to reflect, and either warm to a film or cool on it considerably. No movie deserves a singular “review.” I like to give them as many days in court as I can.

So — before we get into everything, let’s link to all the 2012 reviews from January through April, and then, as always, since I am fiercely loyal to these articles, link to the Wikipedia 2012 in film article. The latter, of course, is what I consider the most useful resource for finding out what is coming out each year (aside from this blog, of course, since I previewedshitload of films in January, and would guess that I’ve covered about 90% of everything that will come out this year). (more…)

2012: The Movie Year in Reviews (January-April)

This is something I do every third of the year to keep track of how I felt about the films I saw. I use these reviews at the end of the year as comparisons to what I thought I’d think about the films (which I’ve not looked at since I wrote them). It’s fun seeing what I thought I’d think and then what I thought (since I won’t look at these until December as well).

Two things to note about 2012 before I get into the reviews: first — I changed the name. The Movie Year in Reviews is the pun I wish I thought up last year. Alas, I came up with it too late. So, I use it now. I’m very proud of this. The other thing is — I don’t remember what 2011 was like, but this year I didn’t watch anything. I mean, I did, but, I didn’t watch anything until April. I got through January all right, but after Ghost Rider I barely watched anything until April. I just did not give a shit about anything at all this year. The first four months are not like the summer, where you pretty much have to see everything within a week of release otherwise you need to avoid the internet entirely because you’re the only person in America who hasn’t seen it yet. So that was weird for me. Just not caring enough to watch the movies until they piled up so high I needed to get to it.

So that’s the preface. Let’s put the break here and get into specifics afterward? Mmkay? Mmkay. (more…)