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Oscars 2020: MPSE Awards

The MPSE Awards were apparently handed out last night. This has been such a weird season. All the dates these guilds have been posting for ceremonies have changed so many times. But whatever, we have winners and that’s all that matters.

Greyhound won the big award, for Sound Effects and Foley. Trial of the Chicago 7, very unsurprisingly, won for Dialogue+ADR, Tenet won for Music Underscore, Eurovision won for Music in a Musical and Soul won for Animated.

Greyhound and Soul are the two nominated for the Oscar and, along with Sound of Metal, tare the favorites to win. Sound of Metal feels like the more presumptive Sound winner based on its BAFTA win and feels more likely to contend at CAS for Mixing, which is handing out awards as we speak. So I’ll update with how those went in a bit. For now, basically we just found out that three of the five Sound nominees now have precursors, which could potentially be scary or could just be white noise distracting us from what is a really obvious outcome. Guess we’ll find out in a week.

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Oscars 2020: MPSE Nominations

Okay, Sound time.

They combined the Sound categories into a single one this year, which makes today’s MPSE nominees and tomorrow’s CAS nominees hugely important. And then we’ll get BAFTA next week.

What you need to know here is that there are three main MPSE categories: Sound Effects and Foley, Dialogue and ADR and Music. So basically the three major components of sound design — effects, dialogue, music. There’s also other categories for musicals and animation and this year there’s one for non-theatrical features that also is kinda relevant (mostly to show what they don’t consider a feature even though everything was non-theatrical this year). All of this, with CAS and BAFTA, will go toward us figuring out what the eventual Sound nominees are gonna be.

With that said, here are your MPSE nominees this year: (more…)