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The Oscar Quest Reconsidered: Ranking the Best Pictures

I originally posted a version of this list in early 2012. Mostly because I like making lists. There was no real methodology to it. I looked back at it at some point in the past four months and saw it skewed heavily toward personal preference. The performances I liked the best went to the top, and the performances I thought were terrible winners went straight to the bottom.

Since the Oscar Quest, Version 2 that I’ve been doing, I noticed the point of it was more to reflect what my thoughts were now five years later from the completion/posting of all the original articles. I tried to stay away from redoing everything I did the first time, because a lot of it felt like it begat negativity on my part. I really don’t want to shit on things now so much as I’d want to openly discuss what is or isn’t a good choice historically.

Because that’s now where I’m at, I think redoing these lists is something I can get away with. If only to give myself a marker for where my head is at now. (more…)

Ranking the Best Pictures

Here we are — the big magilla. Ranking all the Best Picture winners.

Again, let me remind you:

  • The rankings are irrelevant. They’re just personal preference. The goal here is to help you discover more movies.
  • Don’t get hung up on the numbers, focus on the fact that it’s about getting people to see more movies. (And if you want to criticize, I require that you’ve seen at least 50 of the performances, otherwise you’ll be completely ignored.)

This list, unlike the rest of them, will be based solely on personal preference. It’s really the only way to do it. It’s simply a list of the order in which I enjoyed each Best Picture winner. And, like all of the lists, it’s irrelevant to category. It doesn’t matter if it should have won or shouldn’t have — it’s simply, “Here are all the winners, here’s the order in which I enjoyed them.”

Also, I’m not gonna break them down into tiers like I did for the other ones. It’s just a good, old-fashioned list.

The one question I have here is whether or not to include Sunrise. Since the Academy really doesn’t include it on its list of Best Pictures, I won’t. Just know that if I did, I’d put it right between 12 and 13. Or maybe 11 and 12. (more…)