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The Oscar Quest Reconsidered: Ranking the Best Supporting Actresses

I originally posted a version of this list in early 2012. Mostly because I like making lists. There was no real methodology to it. I looked back at it at some point in the past four months and saw it skewed heavily toward personal preference. The performances I liked the best went to the top, and the performances I thought were terrible winners went straight to the bottom.

Since the Oscar Quest, Version 2 that I’ve been doing, I noticed the point of it was more to reflect what my thoughts were now five years later from the completion/posting of all the original articles. I tried to stay away from redoing everything I did the first time, because a lot of it felt like it begat negativity on my part. I really don’t want to shit on things now so much as I’d want to openly discuss what is or isn’t a good choice historically.

Because that’s now where I’m at, I think redoing these lists is something I can get away with. If only to give myself a marker for where my head is at now. (more…)

Ranking the Best Supporting Actresses

As you can see by the amount of times I’ve done it so far on the blog, I like ranking things. Ranking things is fun.

Lists, of course, create controversy, because there’s always some schmuck that thinks something shouldn’t be ranked higher than something else. So before I create any list, I specify – this is not a be-all-end-all order. I’m just listing my favorites. The real purpose of this is – because I talk about so many films and put my opinions on so many films out there, people who read the blog really get a sense of my film tastes and how they correspond to their own. Therefore, when I provide these lists, people will be able to, based on prior knowledge of how my film tastes relate to theirs, crosscheck the films they have seen with the films they haven’t, and possibly discover some great films they haven’t seen yet.

The main goal here is for people to be like, “I like that movie, and he ranked this other one above it. So since I generally like a lot of the stuff he recommends, I’ll check it out.” Or the opposite; “He always like those damn movies. Well, at least I’ll know to skip it, since he always puts them that high.” This is why I like lists. Not to make definitive statements, but to show you more movies.

So I thought it would be fun to rank all the Oscar categories (that is, Quest categories. Big six). I decided to unveil them backwards, in order to build up to the one most people would obviously give a shit about — Best Picture. So today we start with the Supporting categories. First Best Supporting Actress, and then Best Supporting Actor in a little bit. (more…)