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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1955 – Rebel Without a Cause

“You’re tearing me apart!”

Those words were pretty important in 1955. And pretty representative of the disconnect between the older generation and the younger generation. (Words that would also resonate just as loudly and beautifully when directed at Lisa in the iconic chamber drama and winner of seven Academy Awards The Room.)

Times were changing. Kids were listening to rock and roll and coming up with their own culture. The culture of the country was changing. This has been represented countless times in movies. I don’t need to get into that here. The landscape of the country and of film were both changing. And this film came at a very crucial time, and as such, has become one of the greatest and most iconic films of all time.

It’s rare to get a total package like this one. A film that represents actually everything going on in American culture at the time. (more…)