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The Oscar Quest: Strongest Best Actress Categories

Time for Best Actress.

Fortunately, the only real problem with Best Actress, most of the time, is the choices they make, and not the categories themselves. Of course, some years have really terrible categories (though even those have a clear cut winner). That’s only natural. A lot of people might consider most of these categories to be really weak, but actually — some of them are really strong. Really strong. Of course, the bad does outweigh the good here, but, when you take a look at the categories in this article — when they’re good, they’re really good.

Also, let me say once again — it’s not about where I ranked them. It’s about the fact that they belong on the list.

Here are what I consider to be the strongest Best Actress categories of all time. (more…)

The Oscar Quest: Strongest Best Supporting Actress Categories

Best Supporting Actress is one of those Oscar categories — it’s not always strong. In fact, if I had to think about it off the top of my head, I’d guess that the majority of the categories, of all 84 of them, are weak. It’s just stigma. This article will hopefully (somewhat) disprove that.

The thing about Best Supporting Actress is — of all the categories — it’s the one that’s most filled with two extremes: the really old veterans and the really young up-and-comers. And that tends to distort the strength of the categories. Also, there are a lot of “types” here. The women tend to get nominated based on types, especially early on. It’s the “Ma” role, or the “tragic woman” role. You see a lot of these operating in the nominations, especially if it doesn’t make sense why something is nominated. (Also, some of them are clearly, “Hey, Warners has a new starlet they want to build up, let’s push for a nomination,” sort of thing.)

So we’ll do our best to navigate through that. But I feel, these categories are actually really strong. And I’m a bit surprised I actually got 15 that I feel are really solid categories.

Here are, what I consider (remember, as I always say — it’s not about the specific rankings. Let’s all agree that these categories belong on the list. The specifics are a matter of personal opinion) the strongest Best Supporting Actress categories: (more…)