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Mike’s Top Ten of 2000-2009

The 2000s is really the prime film decade of my life. The 90s is me growing up, and the 2010s is me seeing everything. But the 2000s is when I was just getting into film and my tastes were starting to solidify, and it’s all the stuff that came out when I was at my most impressionable. And as such, there’s a lot of stuff that’s all-time for me, favorites-wise. And I’ll warn you now, which should be obvious if you’ve read anything on my lists… it’s all very specific to me. It’s not gonna be exactly what most other people would have on their list.

As a decade, the 2000s always struck me as the time when independent cinema folded into the mainstream (just like in the 80s when all the 70s directors all went into the system and those independent auteur films died down in favor of the blockbusters) and when special effects basically took over cinema. It’s a gestation period for what cinema would become in the following decade, culminating in the rise of Marvel at the end of the decade.

Picking this list was pretty easy for me. Really it just came down to logistics, since certain films were broken up into parts and I had thread that needle of picking my absolute favorites while also not splitting films that felt like they needed to go together. Honestly, I think the only real issue I had was figuring out what was gonna be the tenth and final film on the list and which were gonna just be in the 11-20. This one was pretty easy for me, because it’s just the films I truly, truly love the most.

For methodology purposes, the way I compile these Top Tens of the Decade lists: I take my top ten for each year of the decade, throw them all together, and simply whittle it down until I find what I feel are my ten favorites from that decade. Not the best, my favorite. That’s really all it is. I feel like if I can figure out what my favorite films of all time are, then I can figure it out by specific decades. (more…)