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Tron: Legacy, and What Is Wrong with Movies Today (Part 3)

Hey, Tron is back. I decided to take more than those couple of days off on this. Just because, like all things, once I’m done with them, I cease to be interested in them. I move onto the next thing. Sure, I’ll go back and revisit thing again and be like, “Ah, this is why I like this,” but, once I’m finished with something — especially something I’ve written — I’m no longer interested in it. Which, poses a problem when it’s something you’re technically not finished with.

I wrote those first two — which, here’s Part I and here’s Part II, just so you’re not confused — and just lost interest in it. I should have kept going continuously, perhaps this entry would have been more interesting. But, this will be like the Godfather III of the bunch. But, when it’s done, we’re done. So, you got that going for you.

It took a few days to get back up to speed on this. At first I didn’t want to continue, but, I figured kind of had to. I had that feeling of being out on the shaky drawbridge without a parachute (hear that, Sam? Without a parachute), of, “Am I doing the right thing?” Then I thought, “Fuck it.” As I often do. So we’re gonna continue to the bitter end. Which is what I say every time I finish a Manhattan.

There are bitters in a Manhattan. Just checking.

When we last left Tron: Legacy (not Tron. Still checking.), we hadn’t even gotten onto the Grid just yet. Sam had just pulled his whole Encom stunt and had gotten “arrested.” This “arrest” lasts for about — oh, I don’t know, how many frames does it take to transition from one scene to the next? That many. (more…)

Tron: Legacy, and What Is Wrong with Movies Today (Part 2)

Today’s the day we actually start the analysis on Tron. Tron: Legacy. Not just Tron. That would be weird, analyzing a film from almost thirty years ago. That would be like analyzing a film from the 40s or something. Fucked up, right?

Anyway, I’ll be analyzing Tron: Legacy today. I was going to italicize Legacy to show that it was to be inflected, but, it was already italicized. So I’m just telling you after the fact, because then when you read it later you’d know the correct way to say it. Those last two had no meaning whatsoever. I just felt I got robbed out of using italics when I wanted to use it. Then I used it the second time to show you what it was supposed to look like even though it wasn’t supposed to have the inflection on it. I’m all about the equilibrium.

Yesterday was like that first day of classes where the professor is like, “Well, we can’t really do anything, so let’s just state core concepts and go over the syllabus. Then we’ll start the work next time.” It’s my favorite class of all (next to the last one). I think I did a good job getting the points across (hopefully I repeated myself just enough to make you feel like I was beating you over the head with my points. Because that’s what it feels like to me when I watch these films). Now, let’s get into the film itself.


Tron: Legacy, and What Is Wrong with Movies Today (Part 1)

Notice the comma. This is not an attack on Tron, but rather a review of it, and an analysis of what is wrong with movies today. I’m merely using the film as a jumping-off point.

I could never write an article like this about a movie I didn’t enjoy. Because just simply berating a piece of shit movie is fun, but it doesn’t lend itself to heavy analysis. Not that what I’m doing is either analysis or heavy. Though I guess by definition this actually is analysis. Suck it, Freud. (more…)