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The Underrated Films of 2019

So yesterday we talked about the Overrated films of 2019, today we’re gonna talk underrated.

For me, underrated just means that people are overlooking the film, or a certain aspect of the film that I think is more impressive than it’s being given credit for. Maybe it was dismissed as a genre film, maybe it was seen and dismissed as a throwaway but there’s more going on there. There’s always something.

My point isn’t to try to tell people that the movies are good, but just that there’d more going on here than one would assume, and maybe don’t dismiss them as easily as you might have otherwise. That’s it.

So here are some of 2019’s most underrated films: (more…)

The Underrated Films of 2018

Yesterday were the overrated films, today is the underrated films. What makes a film underrated? No idea. But I’m going for it.

I guess for me underrated means, easily dismissed for whatever reason. Either they think, “Oh yeah, that’s just that kind of movie,” and I’m thinking, “No, but there’s a lot more going on there that you’re not paying attention to.” Or it’s just, “This came out, no one really saw it or they let it slip under the radar, but trust me, this is great.” I have a very good track record on movies like this. I’ve noticed a lot of movies that I championed right from the start have slowly grown fan bases over the years. Other times I just want people to know — it’s okay if you still don’t like this, just don’t dismiss it as easily as you have.

Here are my picks for the most underrated films of 2018: (more…)

The Underrated Films of 2017

Today, we discuss the underrated films of 2017. (You can see the Overrated films list here.) Unlike Overrated, where you can call pretty much anything you want overrated and be right (and get people upset with you, which is my favorite part because — you think I care about any of it), underrated is a tricky thing. What makes a movie underrated? What separated underrated from underseen? Sometimes people aren’t talking up a movie enough because not enough people even know it exists. That’s why we have tomorrow’s list, which are the films more people need to see.

Broad strokes, I think the way to describe this list is — there’s more here than meets the eye. Like Transformers. It does not mean that you had to like the movie. It just means that there’s more here to appreciate than you might think. There are preconceived notions about a movie — or just a narrative that has been created once it came out — and there’s just more to it than that.

Here are the underrated films of 2017: (more…)

The Most Underrated Films of 2016

Today we discuss the films of 2016 that are much better than people are giving them credit for. Sometimes they’re movies that people straight up overlooked, sometimes they’re huge movies that are respected that I think are better than people are saying. Sometimes they’re movies that people hated that I think are quietly very good. We run the gamut here.

The main criterion for this list is — you think one thing about this movie… it’s better than that.

So here are the films I consider to be the most underrated films of 2016: (more…)

The Most Underrated Films of 2015

We’re currently going over the year’s most overrated, underrated and underseen films.

The way I define underrated is, you think you know what you’re getting with a movie, but there’s actually more there. That applies to movies you’ve seen or movies you skipped. Sometimes movies get a perception about them and are ignored even though they shouldn’t be. Sometimes you assume a movie is shit or is some generic, forgettable trifle, but it’s actually a gem. Sometimes people think a movie is good, but in reality, it’s actually really good. That’s underrated.

Here are my picks for the underrated movies of 2015: (more…)

The Most Underrated Films of 2014

Today, we’re gonna talk underrated movies.

Generally, I’m using underrated to mean — there’s more to the movie than you think there is. Whatever that may mean. The standard example is a movie that was largely ignored that’s actually really good. It could also mean a movie that we all assumed was crap that’s actually not that bad. Or maybe it’s a movie we’re taking for granted as being good that’s actually a really good movie. I’ll explain as I go.

The point is — we’re talking about movies that really aren’t getting their proper dues (and it will all be in the positive sense. I’m not gonna put a movie on here and call it underrated because it’s truly terrible. That would be a waste of space). I really think these movies are better than they’re being portrayed as being.

Here are my underrated movies of 2014: (more…)

The Most Underrated Films of 2013

So, yesterday dealt with the most overrated films of the year, today we’ll be dealing with the most underrated films of the year.

Since tomorrow I’ll be talking about the most underseen films of the year, I’m going to have to specify just exactly what I’m talking about when I say underrated. And that is — I’m not basing it on how many people saw the films, but rather — the general reception they got. Some films either got mixed reviews and were generally ignored by people or tossed aside as what they appear to be, or they were enjoyed, but no one really sat down and said, “You know what — that’s actually a really great movie.” Or, in certain cases, films were compared to other films in the filmmaker’s filmography, and might have been thought of well, but they weren’t really truly considered for what they were. And I’ll try to specify with each film as I go along.

Generally, the idea here is — here are 15 films from 2013 that are films that are actually either a lot better than people are giving them credit for, or are films that are actually gonna be ones that really hold up as being real quality films from this year that not enough people are giving proper dues to at the present time.

Here are my most Underrated Films of 2013: (more…)

The Most Underrated Films of 2012

According to me. I feel I should preface all these lists with that, because there’s always some asshole who is like, “But what about (this)?” Well I’m not making a list that stands for everyone. I’m just saying shit that I think is underrated.

That said – there are always a bunch of underrated movies. And since I have Hidden Gems lists now, and am soon going to write up what I think are the most underseen films of 2012 – I should probably figure out just how I’m going to define “underrated” for this article.

I guess it’s going to have to be – films that I feel most people know about/have seen, that I think are getting a bad rap, or are misunderstood, or aren’t quite properly recognized as being as good as they are. This is of course bordering on what I define a Hidden Gem as, but it’s different in two regards. Hidden Gems for me deal with films that are underrated and underseen, and more importantly require the passage of time. I’m making snap decisions based on the short term, which is how most opinions in this day and age are formed anyway. Films are dismissed or embraced immediately based on the first few weeks. (Which is why this list, and tomorrow’s list – the most overrated films of 2012 – are being posted.)

So my definition of underrated is going to be a film that people know about and probably have opinions of that I think are better than those opinions. (For the most part. I mean, if your opinion of the films is really high, then – well, actually, if your opinion of the films is really high, chances are you’ll agree with me that it’s underrated.) Of course, some people might think the films I put on this list are actually overrated, and some people might think the films I put on this list don’t belong here because people do actually think they’re good – I don’t care. I’m just going by what I think. As you are. If this were objective fact, this blog would get a lot more hits than it does, and my opinion would be worth so much more than it is.

So here are the most underrated films of 2012, according to me (in alphabetical order. Nothing more): (more…)