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The Underseen Films of 2019

We discussed the year’s Overrated films, the Underrated films. Now we talk about the Underseen films. Since I’ve already posted a Hidden Gems list, I will specify the difference between Underseen and Hidden Gems. Which is essentially — you’ve probably heard of them but still haven’t seen them. There might be a few crossovers between the Hidden Gems and this list, but that’s purely because I really want to try to get people to see them because they deserve it.

The point of this list is to get more people to watch good movies. I think these movies are really good, and for whatever reason they never got nearly the kind of audience I felt they deserved. So my hope is that people happen upon this list, watch a few of these, like them and then hopefully tell other people about them so they can get more of a fan base so everyone’s favorite films list from this year doesn’t include the same twelve damn movies.

So here are some of the most underseen films of 2019: (more…)

The Underseen Films of 2018

We did Overrated. We did Underrated. Today is Underseen.

This one is simple — a list of “Maybe you know about it, maybe you don’t. But this movie needs to be seen by more people.” That’s it. A list of movies that need a wider audience. Could be double this, could be triple this. The point is, we’re telling people these movies need to be seen. That does not preclude the films talked about over the past two days, but I do try to keep the lists separate so as to talk about more films.

My goal is to get people to see even a few of these, and then maybe they start telling other people, “Hey, this is pretty cool.” And then maybe these things start to get fan bases. It’s really just about getting people to see more movies. Especially the ones that deserve it.

Here are some of the most underseen films of 2018: (more…)

The Underseen Films of 2017

I’m trying to keep all three of my lists separate this year. Meaning no overlaps on Overrated/Underrated/Underseen. I’m trying to include as much stuff as I can. Some things can easily be on all three lists if I wanted, but I want to shout out as much stuff as I can.

This one, more than anything, is about saying, “Hey, maybe you’ve heard of this, but chances are you haven’t seen it, and you should.” Or, even if you’re someone who has seen these movies — not all of your friends have. I want this list to be about the stuff that, past the big stuff you’ve heard of, that you’d tell people they should go out and see. Because man, there’s such great stuff out there that needs to be loved.

If I can get ten people to put one movie each from this list in their rotation of, “Hey guys, check out this one. It’s awesome,” then I’ve done my job. As someone who was that guy, who showed a room full of people an awesome movie they hadn’t seen before, we need more people like that to get more films out there.

Here are the great underseen films of 2017: (more…)

The Most Underseen Films of 2016

Onto my final list for the year in terms of films, before we break it down into more individual merits.

This is a list of the films that I felt needed bigger audiences than they got. Simple as that. I’m not even gonna tell you they’re great movies (though obviously I recommend them if I’m putting them on this list). I’m not saying you’re going to love all of them. I’m just saying — they should be seen by more people and are worthy of your time.

Plus, I’m pretty cool, and I have good opinions, so you’re probably gonna like most of these.

Here are the films I feel are the most underseen films of 2016: (more…)

The Most Underseen Films of 2015

Today, we’re gonna talk about the most underseen movies of 2015.

The way I differentiate underseen from underrated is — underseen means, you know about them, you’ve heard of them, you maybe even saw them. But not enough people have overall. You can think about them whatever you want, but you should see them. With underrated, I’m saying that maybe you saw it maybe you didn’t, but you’re not giving it a fair shake because you think (or thought) one thing about it, but it’s better than that and deserves another look.

This list are films that I’m sure people may have heard about or come across at one point, but they’re really good and should be seen by more people, because they deserve it.

Here are the most underseen films of 2015: (more…)

The Most Underseen Films of 2014

Yesterday, I talked about what I feel are the most underrated movies of 2014. Because of that, I feel like I don’t need to repeat myself and list those again. There will be a few repeats, but generally I’m not gonna go over them again, because I feel like me saying they’re underrated is an inherent recommendation to see the movie. This is just another way of doing the same thing.

The difference between the two is, when I say something is underrated, I’m saying it’s better than you think it’s going to be, and in most cases, a really good movie. In this case, I just think that people ought to see these movies, whatever they think about them. Some of these are going to be very divisive. Some people won’t like some of these movies. I’m not telling you you’re going to like them. I’m saying you need to see them. These movies deserve an audience.

So here are the most underseen films of 2014: (more…)

The Most Underseen Films of 2013

And today we talk about the most underseen films of 2013.

This one is pretty simple — films I think ought to have a bigger audience than they got.

I’m not even necessarily talking about quality, either. I mean, sure, I happened to really like all of the movies I’m talking about, but in general, I’m saying that people ought to see them. I’m not necessarily saying you need to enjoy them, or that they’re necessarily amazing movies. I think they’re amazing movies, but I think the thing that separates this and underrated is the openness of it. When it’s underrated, I truly think more people ought to like those movies and talk about how good they are. Here, I’m just saying, “This movies needs more people to have seen it, so please see it. Think what you want, but just see it. Maybe you’ll like it enough to recommend it to more people.” That’s more what this is. I just want to get these movies to be seen by more people, whether those people like them or not.

So here are my choices for the most Underseen movies of 2013: (more…)

The Most Underseen Films of 2012

I should say “criminally” underseen, but that’s a different article entirely. This is just a list of films that are underseen, for better or for worse. I don’t care if people like these films or don’t like these films, I still think they should be seen by more people.

This is basically an unedited version of a Hidden Gems list (a list I will not be making for 2012 until at least the end of next year). I’m not even gonna write blurbs or anything, since basically I’d be saying the same thing — these films need to be seen by more people. What I’m gonna do is put them under headings, and that’ll be my blurb for the film. The point here is to get people to see more movies that shouldn’t have been as ignored (for whatever reason) as they were, not to argue about whether or not they’re good movies.

Also, I can only go by what I’ve seen at this point. I’m still finishing up a bunch of stuff before the end of the year, and there definitely seems like there’s some stuff I haven’t seen yet that’ll fit into these categories. But I can’t, in good conscience, recommend it until I’ve seen the films. Too often do people list shit they haven’t seen on lists because that’s what’s supposed to be on them. So I may come back and add them once I see them, and I may not. We’ll see what happens.

Now let’s get to the most underseen films of 2012: (more…)