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Oscars 2017: WGA Awards

The WGA Awards were handed out tonight.

The winners were Get Out for Original Screenplay and Call Me By Your Name for Adapted Screenplay. The latter was not surprising in the least, and the former is only interesting because it beat Lady Bird. Three Billboards, the presumptive favorite to win the Oscar (at least, until it loses BAFTA next week), was ineligible here. So really it was gonna come down to which won, Get Out or Lady Bird. So here we are.

Crazy to me that The Shape of Water is nowhere in this Screenplay conversation, despite being the presumptive favorite for Best Picture. Then again, if Three Billboards really is the movie that’s gonna win the whole thing, it winning Screenplay makes more sense. But if it is The Shape of Water, you do realize that the Best Picture winner does win Screenplay like 2/3 of the time, right? It’s crazy that it doesn’t even feel like a contender at this point.

Anyway, more categories tomorrow. (And by the way, I’m also 17,000 words into my Oscar picks article, due to go up in about three weeks. Haven’t even started making choices yet. the 17,000 words is just set up. So get ready for that, eventually.)

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Oscars 2017: WGA Nominations

The new year is up and running, and we’ve got some guild nominations to get through.

We begin with the WGA, which is generally helpful in figuring out the Screenplay categories, outside of the fact that invariably a handful of scripts are not eligible for the WGA, which will throw a giant monkey wrench into everyone’s calculations. I know for a fact that Three Billboards and Darkest Hour are not eligible. Though I believe those are the only ones.

This is also a year where it feels like Original Screenplay is way stronger than Adapted Screenplay, which will undoubtedly lead to some ‘snubs’ there at some point during the race.

Let’s see what the WGA has given us this year: (more…)

Oscars 2016: WGA Nominations

The Writer’s Guild announced their nominations.

Generally you can only really believe about 60% of what you see with them, just because every year a bunch of scripts go in different categories (two years ago, Whiplash was nominated in Original at WGA and was pushed Adapted for the Oscars), or are just straight up ineligible at the WGA for various reasons. So you can only go so far in believing the WGA nominations in terms of translating into Oscar nominations.

That said, let’s take a look at what they nominated this year: (more…)

Oscars 2015: WGA Awards

Oh yeah, the WGA Awards were announced last night.

I realized I never wrote it up as I checked to see if ASC announced yet (which they will soon).

The Big Short won for Adapted and Spotlight won for Original.

Your screenplay categories are locked. No need to stretch this article out any more than it needs to be.

Oscars 2015: WGA Nominations

The Writers Guild announced their nominees this year.

I don’t put a whole lot of stock into them, just because of their eligibility issues (if you’re not a member, you won’t get nominated. Which is why Quentin is never nominated and wasn’t nominated for Django, despite winning the Oscar), but they are generally helpful for seeing what the major contenders are (and what scripts people will think have a chance to be nominated, even if they don’t).

Here are the nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2014: WGA Awards

The WGA Awards were held tonight.

Taking the Adapted Screenplay award was The Imitation Game.

And taking the Original Screenplay award was The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Adapted Screenplay win cements Imitation Game as the frontrunner I assumed it would be. Theory of Everything won the BAFTA, but Imitation Game now has this and the USC Scripter award, which I don’t put much stock into, but people see it as an important one. At this point, with no solid wins outside of the one BAFTA award, I can’t see anything else taking this down next Sunday outside of possibly Whiplash, which has found itself in the Adapted category, having not been there and competed against Imitation Game at all this season.

And the win for Grand Budapest now cements that as your likely frontrunner for the Original Screenplay Oscar ahead of Birdman, even though that one feels like a much tighter race overall. That one feels like it could go either way, even though at this point, more support feels like it’s been shown for Budapest in this category. Not to mention, the likely Director win for Inarritu might make people more likely to shy away from him in the Screenplay category, and this could be considered the consolation prize for Wes Anderson, who will not be winning Best Picture or Best Director, in all likelihood. Though Birdman was ineligible here, so the Budapest win was more of a foregone conclusion.

So those are the WGA Awards. The CAS Awards are also tonight, so I’ll be back with the winner of that and likely presumed favorite for the Sound Mixing oscar.

Oscars 2014: WGA Nominations

The Writers Guild announced their nominations today. It’s a big day for guilds. Three of them. We’ll start here.

We can’t ever put a whole lot of stock in the WGA, just because of their crazy rules of eligibility and what is or isn’t able to be on there. Pretty sure, of the last four Screenplay winners (being the last two years), two of them did not get nominated at the WGA (Django and 12 Years a Slave. I know 12 Years for sure. Django, I think, was also not eligible.) So you can’t treat their nominees as scripture to the extent that you can with the DGA nominations. (And even then, sometimes they’re not always 5/5.)

But before we get into all that, let’s see who they nominated. Here are the nominees for the 2014 WGA Awards: (more…)