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Fun with Franchises

Today, we’re starting a new feature here at B+ Movie Blog. Like most things I do, I’m amazed it hasn’t happened sooner.

One of my great joys is just tearing into shit for fun (which I’ve been doing forever… good friends of mine will remember “Triumph of the Klaus.” And going back even further, I’ve been doing it in some iteration since middle school), and then, since I started the blog, I’ve had a lot of fun putting up articles with screenshots and having fun with those as well.

Originally it started with a treatise about Tron: Legacy and how (while I liked it) it was representative of a lot of the stuff in movies today that I hate. Then I did some articles about Hugo and how wonderful it is, teaching people about the history of the movies. And that’s when I decided to do full-on ongoing features like that, which turned into the Ranking Disney and Ranking Bond series. Ranking Disney was fun, but Ranking Bond — those things were the most fun I’ve had on this blog (that weren’t the end of the year and Oscar stuff I do every year. That’s it’s own level of fun). I loved doing those. Plus I got to include my friend Colin (whose blog is Fuck yeah, promotion!), and we got to play off of one another and riff back and forth while talking about them.

Which is really what made them so much fun. Me doing them and making jokes is one thing, but to have Colin making his own set of jokes, and playing off of what I said and us getting into discussions about stuff — that’s the best part. Nothing would make me happier than reading Colin’s comments about the movies. Because one of two things will always happen — either he’ll take a completely different angle than I did, and it’ll be hilarious (one of his comments that made me laugh the hardest was during the Man with the Golden Gun article when Goodnight gets thrown in the trunk and he said “I love how in Thailand a woman can get thrown in the trunk of a car in broad daylight and no one says SHIT”), or he’ll make the exact same joke that I did, while watching the movie separately and not knowing what I wrote, and it’ll be hilarious.

So naturally as soon as we finished the Bond articles, we had two thoughts. First, “We have to do Skyfall when it comes out on DVD.” Which we did. And second — “We have to find more movies to do this with.”

That said, I present to you Fun with Franchises. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Wilson!”

Cast Away - 52


Pic of the Day: “I hope your dreams come true, I hope they do.” “They won’t. They never will.” “Believe in yourself and they will.” “I got nothin’ to believe in.” “You’re a woman, believe in that.” “How can I, when nobody else will?” “Well, you got to believe it first.”

The Rainmaker - 1


Pic of the Day: “I’ve been a nobody all my life. I was the baby; I was the one they made promises to that they never kept. And ever since I can recall it, Jesse James has been as big as a tree. I’m prepared for this, Jim. And I’m going to accomplish it. I know I won’t get but this one opportunity and you can bet your life I’m not going to spoil it.”

Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - 48


Pic of the Day: “What are we doing here?” “Liquor raid.” “Here?” “Mr. Ness, everybody knows where the booze is. The problem isn’t finding it, the problem is who wants to cross Capone.”

The Untouchables - 22


Pic of the Day: “What do you do?” “I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist and a theoretical philosopher. But above all, I am a man, a hopelessly inquisitive man, just like you.”

The Master - 1


Pic of the Day: “He happens to be the president, Charles, not you.” “That’s a mistake that will be corrected one of these days.”

Citizen Kane - 49