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Mike’s Top Ten of 2014

2014 is kind of a patchwork year. There’s a small handful of films a lot of people will agree on, but past that it gets uneven. Though I think the great stuff does tend to rise to the top and the year does get weaker as it goes along. Which, I guess is kind of what one would hope for with any year.

Looking at my list for this year, every film in my top ten is by a director who has already had a top ten movie before (save one, which is by a director who would have later top ten movies, since this was his first major feature). Which, to me, marks it as one of the weaker years of the decade, with me going to the well of ‘old reliables’, knowing that the people who tend to make good films helped bail it out. Otherwise, it does tend to get thinner earlier than most other years do. (more…)

Oscars 2015: Razzie Nominations

The Razzie nominations were announced today. Because what better to clear the palate of guessing Oscar nominations than to see what movies they wanted to shit on?

I’m curious to see what they go for, because there’s always some weird shit on there.

Here are your Razzie nominations for 2015: (more…)

Mike’s Top Ten Films of 2014 (REMIX)

This has become the gateway article into the end of year recap stuff. Revisit last year and put that behind us before we can start wrapping up this year.

It’s my way of giving myself a chance to reevaluate my top ten list early enough to call a mulligan if I need one. The top ten list is usually done under varying degrees of duress. I need to pick ten movies that I liked best from the year, when there are a good seven or eight that I’ve just seen for the first time (only once) within a week of picking it. So I can be prone to compromised or rash decisions. Here they can be remedied. (more…)

87th Academy Awards Recap

Well, that’s another year in the books. Goodbye, 2014, hello 2015.

I have no idea how many I got wrong or right. I think I was in the 18 range or so. Which is admirable. I don’t even care. Because not a single category threw me for a loop. I was right there with either the winner or runner up in every single category. That’s all I can ever ask for.

I was also extremely pleased that the majority of the Oscars went to three of my top four films of the year. And you throw in an extra win for my #6 film and another win for my #10 film. So I’m pretty pleased overall.

You can read my live blog of the events here. And now we’ll recap everything so we can get on with 2015: (more…)

87th Academy Awards Live Blog

We’ll tally everything up tomorrow. In the mean time. I was typing up the Oscars as I watched it with my Chinese food and alcohol.

I was also feverishly texting throughout the whole thing. It’s actually kind of a miracle that I managed to get all of it done.

So, here’s my live blog of the Oscars, as I was watching: (more…)

Oscars 2014: The B+ Movie Blog Quick Picks

My giant picks article went up a few hours ago. This is the abridged version of that, for easy reference during the ceremony.

Here’s everything you should be taking, and what I’m taking.

Oh, and rankings for that new system I’m trying to see how truly accurate I am at all of this. That is, I’m ranking them in terms of the order they will win. And the closest the winner is to my rankings, the better I do.

Here are the quick picks:


Oscars 2014: The B+ Movie Blog Ballot

I used to call this Picks, Votes, Analysis, Rankings. But that’s not a fun title.

This article has everything you need for Oscar night. I run down every single category, tell you what’s nominated, how I felt about each of the nominees, tell you what wasn’t nominated that might have been, what I’d vote for, then break down the category and let you know what’s most likely going to win, what its biggest competition is, and what, if anything, has a chance to sneak in and surprise everyone. It has links to all the category breakdowns I’ve written over the past three weeks, and I even say, at the very end, “Here’s what I’m taking, and here’s what you should take, because it’s the smartest and safest decision.” I also color code everything, so you can find stuff incredibly easy.

If you want to sound remotely like an expert at your Oscar party and know very little about the overall goings on apart from having seen some of the movies, read this article. You’ll be fine. (more…)