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Oscars 2017: Best Visual Effects Longlist

Another day, another category gets whittled down.

All the people covering this have called it a shortlist. But it’s not. The shortlist comes later. Unless you’re gonna call the next list with 10 contenders the short(er)list, then you can call it that. This is a longlist. I’m not saying otherwise just for clicks.

But still — they narrowed the Visual Effects field down to 20 films, and pretty soon they’ll narrow it down to 10. So for now, we’ll go over the 20 and then guess which ten they’ll narrow it down to in like three or four weeks.

Here’s your longlist: (more…)


Oscars 2017: Annie Award Nominations

We have our Annie Award nominations.

I generally put next to no stock in them, since Best Animated Feature is a pretty intuitive category in terms of guessing. But it is interesting to see what they nominate, so we look at them.

Here are your Annie Award nominations for this year:

(What if The Boss Baby wins everything?) (more…)

Oscars 2017: AFI Top Ten Films of the Year

AFI announced their top ten films.

I generally don’t put too much stock in them, since NBR is the big one for me. AFI just feels populist compared to them. Generally it’s mostly the same list as NBR, using the same one or two ‘buzz’ films that you’d expect them to have. In a year like this, you can straight up get at least eight or nine right off the top of your head.

Here’s what we got this year: (more…)

Oscars 2017: BFCA (Critics Choice) Nominations

We have our Critics Choice nominations. My general perception of them is — I usually like hearing their opinion, there are far too many categories, and they’re generally fairly helpful in seeing how the Oscars are gonna turn out. They always announce early, so they become the de facto signpost of where things are headed, more so than the Golden Globes, who are gonna announce next week.

Generally, BFCA gets most, if not all of the Best Picture nominees on their list. Last year, all they missed was Hidden Figures and had the rest. Typically they only miss one, if that. Which is pretty cool, especially since in recent years the Oscars have generally had solid taste.

Anyway, let’s get into it. The Critics Choice nominations for 2017: (more…)

Oscars 2017: Another Word on Best Animated Feature

Usually I’m content to wait until nominations time after I initially talk about this category, but between the time they announced the list of eligible films and now (so… call it three weeks), I’ve seen just about every nominee. And now that I’m more educated on the category, I felt it was a good time to check in. Plus, as you can see, I’m building myself up to full-on Oscar season mode. Once that happens, I can talk about this stuff for hours.

There are 26 films eligible for the category this year. And as of this moment, I have seen 23 of them. And I now feel like I have a really good handle on what will and won’t be nominated. So I’m going to share that knowledge with you now. Because I’m nice like that. (more…)

Oscars 2017: Independent Spirit Award Nominations

They announced the Independent Spirit Award nominations a little while back. They got left a bit by the wayside until now because I had more important stuff to do and because I didn’t have the time to deal with Oscar stuff until it was the proper time. Well, the time is coming, so let’s take ten minutes.

I don’t put a lot of stock into them inasmuch as they are a nice representation of the kinds of films that ought to get acclaim and have a platform to be noticed. My usual gripe is that the big “Oscar” studio-pushed films get the majority of the nominations, but let’s not pretend like any awards show is anything other than the industry patting themselves on the back. I’m not really here to feel one way or another about them, I’m here to figure out what will or won’t be nominated.

So that said, here are your 2017 Indie Spirit nominations: (more…)

Oscars 2017: Important Dates

Here’s every date you need to know for this year’s Oscar season:

November 21st – Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

November 28th  National Board of Review Awards

December 4th – Annie (Animation) Award Nominations

December 6th – BFCA (Critics Choice) Nominations

December 7th – AFI Awards

December 11th – Golden Globe Nominations

December 13th – SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Nominations

January 3rd – ACE (American Cinema Editors) Eddie Awards Nominations

January 4th – WGA (Writers Guild) Nominations

ADG (Art Directors Guild) Nominations

January 5th – PGA (Producers Guild) Nominations

Makeup & Hairstylist Guild Nominations

Academy Award Nominations Voting Begins

January 6th  National Society of Film Critics Awards

January 7th – 74th Golden Globe Awards

January 9th – BAFTA Nominations

January 10th – ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) Nominations

CDG (Costume Designers Guild) Nominations

CAS (Cinema Audio Society) Nominations

January 11th – DGA (Directors Guild) Nominations

BFCA (Critics Choice) Awards

January 12th – Academy Award Nominations Voting Ends

January 15th – VES (Visual Effects Society) Nominations

January 20th – PGA Awards

January 21st – SAG Awards

January 22nd – MPSE (Motion Picture Sound Editors) Nominations

Razzie Award nominations

January 23rd – 90th Academy Award nominations

January 26th – ACE Eddie Awards

January 27th – ADG Awards

February 3rd – DGA Awards

Annie Awards

February 10th – USC Scripter Award

February 11th – WGA Awards

February 13th – VES Awards

February 17th – ASC Awards

February 18th – BAFTA Awards

MPSE Golden Reel Awards

February 20th – CDG Awards

Academy Award Final Voting Begins

February 24th  CAS Awards

Makeup & Hairstylist Guild Awards

February 27th  Academy Award Final Voting Ends

March 3rd  Independent Spirit Awards

Razzie Awards

March 4th  90th Academy Awards