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Mike’s Top Ten of 2012

2012 is the first (and perhaps only) year from this decade where the top ten list I posted at the time exactly matches my top ten now. I knew immediately what my ten favorite movies were that year, and that hasn’t changed. And, in all likelihood, that won’t change. These ten are pretty much my ten. My goal in writing up the list each year is to try to best guess what films are not only my favorite films at the moment, but also which ones are going to continue being my favorite films over time. Some years turn out better than others. And as it stands, this might be the only one of the decade where I ended up being completely right all the way through.

Which is impressive to me, because there are two choices on this list that are not mainstream choices for top ten films. I don’t think you’ll see those on most people’s lists. And if you do, chances are they won’t be around a lot of the other stuff I’ve also chosen. But I love them, and would 100% call them two of the top movies of the year.

I’m a big fan of this list. (more…)

Mike’s Top Ten of 2012 (REMIX)

I had the idea to do this for last year’s top ten, and then that branched out to doing last year, this year, and the year before last — because that’s what happens with me.

I came up with the list three months ago, so there aren’t too many changes — but I have certainly updated my feelings about the films. I definitely have a better handle on stuff right now, and I have to say — sometimes I worry that I do a bad job of picking my list and that some films are gonna fall off. One, maybe two is acceptable over time. Three or more is not. And now, three months after I came up with the list — if I’m changing my top ten around, that’s not good.

So my hope in doing this was that I still felt the same way about all of the films, and that was my reason for doing this — making sure I’m still making my top ten lists the right way, which is with an eye for the long run, and not putting stuff on there because it’s trendy but rather because I think I’ll still love it as a favorite film of the year in five or ten years.

That in mind, here’s my (REMIXED) Top Ten list of 2012: (more…)

Mike’s Top Ten of 2012

Another year, another Top Ten list.

I was very pleased with this year. Definitely more so than 2011. This year felt like it had a lot of strong choices for inclusion on this list. Last year’s list was probably easier to compile, but that’s because I knew right off the bat seven or eight of the films that would make it. This year, I didn’t really know what was gonna make it, but I did know I’d have a lot of great films to choose from. And overall, it just felt like I was happier with the amount of choices available to me for this list.

In case you didn’t know — what I do every year is list my ten favorite films of the year, along with an 11-20 (as I do on all my top ten lists for each year), and then I also create lists of second and third tier films, which are basically my way of ranking as many movies as possible that I liked. The top ten are my absolute favorites, the 11-20 were my next favorite, and so on and so forth. The entire thing ends up being a top ten plus fifty more films. Last year, I struggled to round out tier 3. This year I had to cut off an extra ten films I could have included. So overall this felt like a strong year. Or maybe that’s because I wasn’t as negative about everything this year.

The other thing to note, before we get into the films, is that this is the only time I really ever rank my top ten. After this, it pretty much reverts to alphabetical order. It’s not really about the numbers so much as what’s on the list. I also, as I always say, try to think of the long game when I rank these films. I try to think of films that are most likely to remain on my top ten list when I revisit it in one, two, five years. So let’s get right into it. Here are my Top Ten Films of 2012: (more…)