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Mike’s Top Ten of 2015

2015 is one of the strongest years of this decade, if not the strongest year. I’ve got at least two separate legitimate top ten lists with the films of this year. If I took my 11-20 and presented it to you as if it were the list of another year, it would look totally fine and no one would even question it. That’s how strong this year is.

Though the one thing that has remained constant for me after all this time, despite how many amazing films there are and how easy it is for stuff to be swapped out for something else, is my #1. I don’t think anyone else would have it close to their #1 film of the year, and I was steadfast about it from the jump. I knew it was my #1 movie and nothing was able to change that. No matter what great other stuff there is and no matter how highly the rest of the films from this year are regarded over time, my #1 is gonna be my #1. And I take great comfort in that.

I should also mention how much other fantastic stuff there is this year in the lower tiers as well. This is a good place to find some great hidden gems to check out. Some years there’s only a handful. Here, you can throw a dart and pretty much whatever you hit is worth seeing. That’s a strong year. (more…)

Mike’s Top Ten of 2015 (REMIX)

When you see this article go up, that means the end of the year is upon us. This is my way of getting last year out of the way so we can recap this year.

I always feel like my Top Ten list each December is, in one way or another, full of compromises. Films I put in the Top Ten because they feel like better choices in the moment, rather than what will be in a few years. Sometimes I just overthink it and can’t see the forest for the trees. Shit happens.

So what I do is go back a year later and redo everything. I see what, if anything, has changed. I don’t care so much about how many things I got “wrong,” so to speak. I only care about making sure I get it right. People change, tastes change. So the list will be updated to reflect that.

I went back and looked over everything I watched last year to see which movies truly were my ten favorites of the year. The thing about 2015 is that there were so many great films I could have easily swapped out half of the top 15 into the top 10 and there would be very little difference for me. And that’s sort of the case. Certain films that barely missed the top ten now came on, and others that still feel really close to top tens barely missed out.

Here is my revised Top Ten list of 2015: (more…)

Mike’s Top Ten Films of 2015

This is the first top ten list I’ve posted on this site that I’ve actually been excited about. Every other year, I’m usually struggling to get certain films seen under the wire, or I don’t have enough films that I really feel confident about in saying they were my favorites. I always feel like I need more time or don’t have enough movies.

This year was amazing. I had a full ten that I was ready to go with before Thanksgiving. And I had extras to make up a legitimately solid 11-20, all this with a solid 6-7 films I still needed to see that easily were in the top ten conversation. I’m ready this year. I’ve got 20 choices that could all be in my top ten.

2015 was a year where I found myself more open to liking movies than I’ve ever been. I went to the theater more than I have in a long time. Last year, I opened my list up to include four tiers of films. This year, I could have gone to five. The films feel all around better than they’ve been since 2012. (more…)