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Mike’s Top Ten of 2016

I didn’t know what to write for 2016 for the longest time. But as I started writing up all the films, I realized what it is — this is a sneaky strong year. The top ten didn’t immediately strike me the way something like 2015 does as being the obviously strong year from an entire decade. But when I look at it… there are movies here that I love beyond words that, to me, are gonna stay among my absolute favorites. And the more I look at the lower tier stuff the more I realize there are some really amazing gems to be found here that deserve to be seen.

The year will always be remembered for the top two films, which will be forever linked in people’s minds, but really when you look at it… if you’re trying to find an amazing movie that might be slightly off the beaten path, 2016 is the place to look. There’s stuff up and down this list that’s just tremendous that it feels like almost no one knows about or bothered to see when it came out. This is my ‘drum beating’ year, with stuff that I’m trying to help get noticed and become a movie people either later realize is great or just get seen by more people.

Also what I love about this top ten list in specific is that it has a nice mix of obvious stuff that everyone loves, stuff that is slightly off the beaten path that makes you think ‘oh, that’s good, but top ten? Wow’, plus stuff that almost no one knows about and then stuff where you go, “You know what? That is a really great movie and I never considered it that way.” It’s a really eclectic list, and it’s another year that has an 11-20 (and even a tier two!) full of stuff that could also be in the top ten. I’m a huge fan of this year and it took me going back to reconsider it all to realize that. This is one of the strongest years of this decade. (more…)

Mike’s Top Ten Films of 2016

Last year, I was really excited to get to the Top Ten list. This year, not so much.

I’m still not sure how I feel about 2016. By and large, there were more movies that I liked as compared to other years, but fewer movies that I loved. I liked a lot of stuff, but overall, you can’t help but feel like this year was a weak year for film, especially given the giant amount of major films that were either disappointments or straight up bad. But I think that’s a mask for what’s actually a pretty quietly solid year for smaller films. Though that still didn’t make it easy to figure out this list.

Last year, there was a workable top ten list ready to go by Thanksgiving, had I needed to. This year by Thanksgiving, I had about three movies. And I realized I had to reevaluate my expectations. This ended up being the most difficult top ten list I’ve had since 2013. (more…)