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Mike’s Top Ten of 2018

As of the original postings of these lists, this is the most recent year. We’re under a year since my initial list has been posted, so not a whole lot of time has gone by for me to have changed my opinion from what it was then. Though I will say, enough time has gone by for me to call myself out on my bullshit and cut the pretense.

Though admittedly, I find that most of the time when things change on the lists, it’s not because I was forcing something on that shouldn’t have been there, it’s usually because I’m under the gun when I choose the list. I often have just finished watching mostly everything from the year (sometimes I don’t even get to do that) and some of the choices I have to decide on based on a single watch. I’m usually cramming second watches for things (if I even can) within a two day period, and usually I’m somewhere else, around friends or family and I have to do it all on the fly. So things end up on that are just easy choices that I don’t have to stress over. And most of the time they turn out to be the right choices over time. But sometimes I do admittedly need that extra space of a year or more to really know what my true feelings are. So as such, while you won’t see too many changes from the list you saw in December, some things will shuffle around a bit and what I kind of figured to be true at the time has held out to be true now. So really, the moral of this is — time wins out. The truth always gets revealed over time.

As for 2018 as a whole… I didn’t like it at the time. I thought it was an incredibly weak year without too much memorable stuff in it. Now, of course, having a year to let this movies sit, it feels like a really respectable top ten list that’ll hold up just fine. The lower tier stuff, it’s just gonna take time to figure out where that shakes out in terms of a strong or weak year. Ultimately, I’m pretty pleased with how these ones are holding up for me so far. (more…)

Mike’s Top Ten Films of 2018

Another year in the books. Time to do the thing.

2018’s been a pretty terrible year all around. There’s not a whole lot I was excited about, both in movies and in life. I say every year in this article, “I didn’t think I was gonna be able to come up with a top ten list.” This year, weirdly, I didn’t feel that. I knew I’d have ten, but I felt like it would be a “weak” ten. Other years, I could legitimately have 15 choices to pick from. This one, I was very conscious that it was the weakest overall year since the millennium started, and in a way it made doing this easier.

Here… I have a top ten, but they’re not movies that would end up on my decade list. (Which, we’re coming up on that. Next year you guys are getting a top ten list and a top films of the decade list.) It’s just a weak year. I liked a lot of stuff, but overall it all ended up falling in the middle of the pack. It’s all just kind of in that “I liked it, but didn’t love it” category. But you know, you still get a top ten. So here we are.

The good thing about a year like this is, I feel confident in that there’s not a whole lot I’ve missed and there isn’t a lot of stuff that’s gonna change over time. So I feel mostly confident that this top ten will be pretty consistent over time. MAYBE one will swap off and go from like, 11 or 12 into the top ten, but for the most part, I feel like my favorite films from this year will be these films. So I guess that’s something.

Plus, you already know I don’t look for clicks or join on the media-created bandwagons, so you aren’t gonna get yet another top ten list that has Black Panther and A Quiet Place on it. Hopefully that gives you some solace.

Here are my top ten films of 2018: (more…)