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Mike’s Top Ten of 2019

So these recent years are difficult to talk about because — I just talked about them. I only posted the original Top Ten list for this year last year. Only a year has passed and usually that’s not a whole lot of time to see how your opinion changes. Usually it’s only enough to see where you overreacted to certain films or maybe undervalued others. But I’m happy to say — I think I got this one right. At least for now. We’ll see what happens in 3-5 years, but at the moment, aside from some minor number shifting (which is meaningless anyway), I’m very happy with the films I chose to be on this list.

That’s the one thing I’m seeing as we move further from this year — it was an incredible year of film. I knew at the time the top ten list was strong, but I didn’t realize just how strong. I’m only liking these movies more as time goes on. And all up and down the line, there’s some fantastic and memorable stuff. It’s gonna hold up.  Which is good, since the year after this is perennially gonna be a giant shit show, so at least we’ve got this one. (more…)

Mike’s Top Ten Films of 2019

We’re closing out a decade with this one. We’re ending the 2010s with my tenth annual Top Ten list. Can you believe that? I’ve been making these things for ten years. Which coincidentally matched up with the entire decade in film.

This year felt pretty underwhelming all throughout it. I know I say a version of that every year and it’s basically tradition for me to say that in this article. This year’s version means that, throughout the year, I was aware that I wasn’t liking stuff as strongly as I have in years past. Fortunately I did decide not to even consider this list until very late, so I didn’t do the thing I usually do of, “How am I gonna get ten films out of this?” This year was actually pretty easy for that. When I first started looking to do it, I came up with most of the list very quickly, and it turned out to be just one spot I had to put any sort of real consideration into.

The one thing I did notice was that I struggled to really figure out the lower tiers. There’s some stuff that went higher this year than it would have in other years just because there was so little for me to put above it. It felt like a much thinner year than others. But unlike other years, I do feel really confident about this list holding up over time. These are pretty consensus films for me, and it would surprise me to see more than one jump up and take the spot of some of the things on this list.

Overall, while it might be a bit top-heavy, and the year as a whole falls apart after the top 20-25, I do feel pretty good about this one and the cool stuff hidden inside it. So let’s get into this.

Here are my Top Ten Films of 2019: (more…)