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The Oscar Quest: Best Supporting Actor & Best Supporting Actress – 2001

2001 — the year where nothing happened. This is the year whose only distinction is that it was the one where everyone’s like, “Vote for more black people!” Other than that this was forgettable in almost every way, down to the Best Picture winner which was one of those, “I guess…” decisions.

2001 was a bad year for movies. Something about 1s and 0s must make the movies not good. But at least the Supporting Actor and Lead Actor categories had some interest to them. Along with the once again bad decision-making that plagues most Oscar years.


And the nominees were…

Jim Broadbent, Iris

Ethan Hawke, Training Day

Ben Kingsley, Sexy Beast

Ian McKellen, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Jon Voight, Ali (more…)

The Box Office Report – January 21-23

Oh, here’s where writing a blog gets fun. Rather, more fun. Every week new films come out for me to see. And berate. And love unconditionally. And have the meaningless task of guessing how much they’re going to make for the weekend.

What’s great about picking box office, especially when you’re in a position like mine, it’s really for nothing but sport. You know how rich people go and shoot animals and shit just because? And occasionally vice presidents go and shoot people in the face? This is sort of like that. I’m just doing it purely because I want to see how close I get.

Keep in mind, seriously, that I really am not doing this for any other reason. In fact, I want most films to fail. The more these terrible movies fail at the box office, the sooner better shit can start coming out. You have no idea how happy I was that True Grit outperformed Little Fockers. Or that The Social Network made $100 million. I want to see good films prosper, and bad films fail. The Green Hornet making $40 million last weekend was shameful. Just fucking shameful. But, opinions aside, what I’m doing each week is just throwing out what I think something will make. For better or for worse. (more…)