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The Oscar Quest: Reconsidered – The Best Supporting Actress Categories

Well, we’ve gone through all the categories again, so it’s time to wrap everything up. I did something sort of different last time, mostly talking about what I thought the best and worst decisions are. I definitely don’t want to do that again, since that’s not what my goal is here.

I also haven’t given much thought as to what these articles should be. So I’ve landed on doing it this way — I’m gonna go through each of the six major categories of the Quest and look at how I voted both times. That seems to be the way to do this. Where have my tastes changed over the past five years? That’s what this whole thing was about this time anyway.

So we’ll start with Best Supporting Actress. Here’s a table of what I voted for the first time versus what I voted for this time. I’ll color code the ones that are different for easy skimming purposes. Then we’ll discuss the ones that changed and try to figure out why they changed. Hopefully there’s nothing too embarrassing. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “l do have the right to say things.” “l am running out of patience!” “lf you’d just let me do my act for the court, l’ll take my chances. lf after you hear me, if you don’t think it’s funny, if you think it has no redeeming social value, if it strikes you as dirty-” “l cannot allow this to continue!” “Your Honour, l so want your respect. l know you’re a good person and this legal system is the best in the world, but you… you can’t seem to hear me!”