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The Films I’m Looking For

Somehow I never thought to do this earlier. Either way, it’ll serve as a good update for the site. I’ve been off watching stuff for the past month and a half and working on finally finishing all those top ten articles. I’ve also (and I am very excited about this), planned out a bunch of cool shit for next year, to the point where I think it’ll be one of those years where something will go up every single day, provided I don’t get overwhelmed with work and don’t die. Though pretty much anything is done under the hope of not dying in the meantime, so it’s really it’s if I have enough free time to pull it off. And also it is for next year, so, until then, you’re just gonna have to deal with what I’ve got now. You should have learned by now to never get your hopes up with me

I wrote up a whole thing last year, if I remember correctly, where I updated everyone on all the insane amount of shit that I was/am watching at any given time. Typically I spend most of the year working on all that, then November rolls around and I go into “year end” mode and focus solely on stuff from that year and getting all my lists and stuff together. Then January I’m so worn out from the grind of everything I usually don’t watch much. Plus that’s prime Oscar season, so I’m usually focused on that. Then end of January I catch up with the month’s worth of movies I didn’t start yet, spend the time through the Oscars catching up on those, then March starts the whole cycle again. Cool? Cool.

This article is gonna function as a reminder of all the crap I’m watching at any given time, mixed with something I’ve never really done before, save that first Oscar Quest article — list what movies I just have not been able to find yet. I always put it up first as an article to screenshot where I’m at for that particular moment (time capsule stuff), and then I keep the other article up for all time and edit it as I go. (more…)


Pic of the Day (110th Anniversary)