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2020: The Year in Reviews (The Unreleased Films)

And now for the bookkeeping. We went over all the stuff that did come out, now for all the stuff that didn’t.

I always cover way more films than actually come out. Most years I’d say there’s about 100-150 that don’t end up coming out for various reasons. Last year was around 140. This year we’re at least 90-100 films above that. Of course, we all know why, but that just means we’ve got an abundance of stuff to deal with presently. Which, as I said, is just bookkeeping. The real interesting step is gonna be when we start going over next year, when we consider how few things shot this year and whether that affects next year’s totals.

But, before all that, let’s go over all the stuff I previewed that didn’t come out this year. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “The laws of breaking and entering, as they pertain to Santa, are unclear.”