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Oscars 2020: Best Animated Feature Eligibles

Animated Feature time. There are 27 films eligible this year, down from the record 32 last year. I’m honestly surprised we got that close, since little to no American studio animated fare even came out this year. I’d wager that most people would have trouble recognizing more than about ten of these titles, unless they specifically pay attention to animated film.

In the end, though, there likely won’t be very much intrigue, as this category figures to go the way it goes most years. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look over anything and maybe find a couple of cool movies you didn’t know about.

Here’s the list of 27 eligible films for Best Animated Feature: (more…)

Oscars 2020: Best International Feature Submissions

And now International Feature. There are 93 countries that submitted films, which is the same as last year, only this time two countries haven’t been disqualified. So technically this year is the record. Last year was really only 91. But anyway, we’ll do what we normally do — go over each film and see what it’s about and get acquainted with all the choices.

Last year, they upped the shortlist from 9 to 10. This year, it’s now 15. How it used to work was, they’d do preliminary voting, and then the PriceWaterhouseCooper people would tell the results behind closed doors to the branch executive committee, who would then argue it out like it’s the NFL Hall of Fame. If I remember correctly, how it worked was six films would get on naturally and then they’d allow three ‘saves’, films that they felt belonged on the shortlist that didn’t get enough votes through the branch. Which is something they started pretty recently, when “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days,” generally regarded as the best foreign film of that year, didn’t make the shortlist. So now they can save some of the better, beloved or higher profile films for the shortlist. Though I feel like a lot of the time the stuff does make the shortlist and a lot of times gets left off the final list.

They don’t ever tell you what the saves were (but curiously a lot of first time countries always seemed to curiously make shortlists a lot of the time this past decade), but that was the norm for over a decade. Now, they’ve done away with it and it’s just top 15. Which I assume means they’ve done the math and looked at past voting and figured if they just go to 15 like Doc Feature everything people feel should get on will get on. Though there are some lower profile but great films that might not be saved, since I’m sure there’s no way a lot of people are gonna watch all the choices and will just vote for the handful they know about. But we’ll see. It’s the first year of this.

Anyway, here are the 93 submissions for Best International Feature: (more…)

Oscars 2020: Best Documentary Feature Eligibles

Okay, so three giant list of eligibles/submissions were announced the other day and so I’m just gonna go over them all. Because I like to and because I can. We’re gonna start with Documentary Feature, since it’s the list I don’t have to spend too much time with. I kind of already know which docs I want to see and which ones I’ll probably need to see when they announce a shortlist (week from today, by the way).

But I believe the number of documentaries eligible to be nominated this year is 238. Which is usually around what the Best Picture number is like. They’ll reduce this list to 15. Which means that 94% of this list will be discarded within a week. But in the interest of people who like documentaries, we’ll briefly go over what each of the 238 is about and then I’ll broadly guess which ones make the most sense as getting on the shortlist.

Since we have 238 to go over, I’ll waste no more time. Here we go: (more…)


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