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Oscars 2021: Important Dates

Here are all the important dates for Oscar season:

December 2nd National Board of Review Awards

December 8th AFI Awards

December 13th Golden Globe Nominations

BFCA Critics Choice Nominations

December 14th – Independent Spirit Award Nominations

December 21st Annie Award nominations

Best Documentary Feature Shortlist announced

Best International Feature Shortlist announced

Best Original Score Shortlist announced

Best Original Song Shortlist announced

Best Visual Effects Shortlist announced

Best Makeup & Hairstyling Shortlist announced

Best Animated Short Shortlist announced

Best Live Action Short Shortlist announced

Best Documentary Short Shortlist announced

January 9th 79th Golden Globe Awards

January 11th –  Makeup & Hairstylist Guild Nominations

January 12th SAG Nominations

BAFTA Longlists

January 17th SDSA Nominations

January 18th VES Nominations

January 24th – ADG Nominations

MPSE Nominations

January 25th – ASC Nominations

CAS Nominations

January 26th – CDG Nominations

January 27th – PGA Nominations

DGA Nominations

WGA Nominations

ACE Nominations

February 3rd – BAFTA Nominations

February 8th – Oscar Nominations Announced

February 19th – Makeup & Hairstylist Guild Awards

February 22nd – SDSA Awards

February 26th – PGA Awards

USC Scripter Award

February 27th – SAG Awards

March 5th – ACE Awards

ADG Awards

March 6th – Independent Spirit Awards

March 8th – VES Awards

March 9th – CDG Awards

March 12th – DGA Awards

Annie Awards

March 13th – BAFTA Awards

BFCA Awards

MPSE Awards

March 19th – CAS Awards

March 20th – WGA Awards

ASC Awards

March 27th – 94th Academy Awards

April 17th – CAS Awards

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Also, reminder that my Oscar Trivia page is always available to view.


Pic of the Day: “What’s up with this fucking kid over here?” “What?” “What’s this kid doing? Look over there. Look away, dude. Look away!” “Stop. Please don’t hiss at a kid.” “He’s fucking with me.” “I don’t think he’s talking to you at all.” “Who’s that guy?” “What guy?” “The guy on the cross.” “Jesus!” “Oh, Jesus.” “Stop it.” “Oh, Jesus Christ. Is that what they think we did to him?” “Yeah.” “Can you tell I’m Jewish?” “Yes.” “How?” “Your fucking sweater.” “I’m sorry.” “Isaac, stop talking. Isaac… Isaac, what are you doing? Don’t throw up. Don’t you dare throw up in here. Swallow it like a girl would.”